10th Year – 44

Part 3: Chapter 13 – Solution

Euphie and Mailey turned away from Tor and Rokuk, who were now waging a vicious battle, and they scanned the area.
Coen looked at the twins while using the Golems as a shield.

“What will buying some time accomplish? To be honest, the most logical solution would be to kill Rokuk here.”
“But that is not what Mr. Tor wants. In that case, we must search for a different solution.”
“This is why I don’t like humans…”

Coen looked at Tor with exasperation.
Mailey looked at Coen from the corner of her eye.

“Judging by what Mr. Rokuk has said, the reason for losing control is lack of energy in the magic stone. So he should return to normal if you remove the over parts. What do you think?”

The reason for it was in the over parts. And so that reason should be removed. In any case, there was no way that Rokuk had not considered this already.
Coen must have predicted such side effects from the over parts, as she answered while observing Rokuk.

“He also said that the side effects weakened when he ate. In other words, the magic stone in the over parts is now part of him. While removing it will stop him from losing control, who knows how he will be affected by it. He will likely die, just like how magitec beasts die when you extract the magic stone from them.”
“Well, what if he drank magic energy recovery potions?”
“A B-Rank Adventurer would have tested that immediately. The reason that this didn’t solve the problem, was either that the energy recovery was too slow, or the conversion of the energy has started to rely on the over parts and not the human body, and so it could no longer be absorbed.”
“Mr. Rokuk did say that destroying the control facility was meaningless. In that case, we must find some other way to recharge the magic stone.”
“Indeed. So he must be killed.”

There was no way to recharge magic stones.
As there was no real solution, Coen was about to order her Golems to kill Rokuk, but stopped.
Tor’s chakrams had nearly scratched the magic stones inside of the Golems. It was a warning for her to not get involved.
Even as he fought against a B-Rank Adventurer, he was able to listen to their conversation and react.
Coen let out a sigh of resignation.

“Mr. Tor, being swept away by your emotions and putting off the problem will not have good results, you know?”
“Effort towards a better result is not the same thing as ‘putting off.’”

Euphie interjected, and then she took Coen’s hands.

“Please help us.”
“Help you, eh? Do you really think there is a way to recharge a magic stone?”
“We will experiment.”
“…You have an idea?”

Unable to believe this, Coen asked while looking back at Euphie.
Euphie nodded quietly and pointed at one of the Golems.

“We must crush one of the Golems.”
“…My Golem?”

Coen suddenly became serious, and her voice had a dangerous edge.
Euphie looked at Coen and nodded.

“Yes. We will modify the Golem’s magic stone, as well as the system for extracting the magic energy.”

This was probably the worst kind of request to make to someone who loved Golems, but Euphie still explained her purpose.

“If the differences in my magic energy between people cause vibrations, then we can record it like a phonograph, and convert the vibration while charging the stone with energy. In order to experiment with this, we need an empty magic stone to charge, and a mechanism that can extract the magic energy. So please help us.”
“Very well. However, they are not so simly in structure that an amateur can tinker with them. So I will do it.”

After Euphie asked her for help, Coen nodded as if she had no choice.
Coen then went around to the back of the Golem and quickly started to remove some of the outer parts, much to Euphie and Mailey’s surprise.

“…Um, I know we’re the ones to ask you, but… Are you sure?”
“It seems that you might have misunderstood me. But even I understand the value of a human life. In the first place, just because I love Golems, it doesn’t mean that any Golem will do. I do not feel love towards Golems that don’t talk.”

After calmly revealing that she didn’t love the Golems around her, Coen extracted the magic stone and magic energy conductor.

“So, what will you do with this? And what is a phonograph?”
“A phonograph is a machine that records sound. Because sound is vibration, so you can record those vibrations into a layer of wax. And by putting a needle into the grooves, you can play back the sound that was recorded.
“I would actually like to use the secretions of a scaled insect, but for now, we have wax made from the fat of magitec beasts.”

Mailey explained quickly.
Apparently, the twins already had the structure inside of their heads.

“You are the developers of the carbonated potion. Now I’m scared that you might just do it.”

However, Coen then pointed out a problem.

“I don’t know if the right vibrations will allow you to recharge the stone, but the vibrations will have to be recreated very accurately. Otherwise, the magic stone might reject the energy. Also, how will you made the recreated vibrations carry the magic energy?”
“We don’t know how accurate it has to be. However, putting the magic energy on the vibrations will be easy. We will use an Enchant on the recording medium, embuing it with magic, so that it is seen ass a magic stone, and then we connect it with a magic conductor and draw out the energy.”
“…I see. I’ll have the Golems bring some of the magitec beast carcasses we killed on the way here. And then you can create this phonograph of yours. If you really can charge them with magic, then I will be able to make my ideal Golem as well, which is two birds with one stone. And so I will cooperate with you.”

Coen talked with a smile. It was hard to believe that two high-ranking Adventurers were fighting a deadly battle nearby.
Euphie and Mailey nodded and turned to Tor.

“We will go and gather the necessary materials. Please do your best!”

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