Seisan Mahoushi – 28

Chapter 28 – I Set Some Traps!

“All right, it’s finished.”

I muttered, but the onlookers had been gasping in amazement for quite a while now.

“A-a stone wall…”
“He-he made that all by himself?”

After we formed an alliance with the Ents, I started to build the castle walls.

Iria was busy talking with Ecleshia, as there were matters to decide when it came to the Ents living in the forest.
The most important thing was what to do about the trees. But I left it all to Iria.

As for the wall, it didn’t surround the entire village, but just the area on the north side, where the slave hunters usually attacked.

Whenever there was a battle, we would have everyone evacuate into this area.

Of course, I did want to surround the whole village.
However, I didn’t know when the enemy might suddenly attack, and so it was best to have a complete fortress for now.

Also, I had to make weapons to put on top of the tower.

As I headed towards the tower, I met Melk, who was using her staff to treat the injured Ents.

“Melk. Sorry that you have to do that for me.”

It had been necessary for me to build the wall as soon as possible.
And so I had to ask Melk to heal the Ents in my place.

But the staff seemed to have a great effect, and the Ents were recovering noticeably.

“It’s not your fault, Joshua. Besides, it would be a waste if I didn’t use this staff. And it’s also quite fun to treat the wounded. Almost as fun as killing boars.”
“I see. Well, please continue then. Also, Melk… This is unrelated, but there is a request I’d like to make, based on how fast werewolves are.”
“That’s fine. We all want to cooperate with you.”
“Thank you… The thing is, I want to send some to the north of this village and search for the slave hunters. And when they do, I want them to keep their distance while luring them back here to the wall on the north side.”

It could be very bad if they attack from different directions.

As I had built the fortress to the north, I needed the enemy to come from the north.
And I also wanted to set some traps there.

Without a second’s delay, Melk nodded her head.

“Very well. I will send our fastest runners.”
“Thank you. I know that it’s a dangerous mission, but it’s necessary no matter what.”
“Don’t worry. They will do it.”

Melk said in her usual lazy voice. And then she immediately went and gathered the werewolves together.

After that, I went up to the top of the tower, and saw that Mette was teaching something to the other Kijins.
It looked like they were practicing hiding behind the parapets

“As soon as you see fire or arrows, lower your body! …Ah, it’s you, Joshua? What do you want?”
“Nothing, I just came up here to craft some weapons.”
“Wea-weapons… Ah, yes, of course! We definitely need those!”
“Uh, yes. Indeed.”

I answered Mette, and then I crafted a wooden platform on top of the tower.

“Are you going to use that for a ceremony?”
“No, it’s a weapon… Craft…Ballista.”

I chanted, and then a moment later, a giant ballista appeared on top of the platform.

Perhaps it was because it resembled a crossbow in shape, Mette began to mutter.

“Well, now that is a big crossbow. A crossbow on a platform, I suppose.”
“Yes. And it’s called a ballista. And so it can launch much larger arrows and rocks.”
“Oh? Can I try shooting it?”
“Of course. I’ll make some arrows. In the meantime, that lever back there…that stick. Can you pull it back?”
“Like this? Oh! The string moved, just like with arrows and crossbows.”
“Pull it back all of the way. And then place this here.”

I crafted a thick spear and set it in the ballista.

“And then move it so that it points in the direction that you want to shoot. It will be easier if two people do this. Uh, nevermind then.”

Mette moved the ballista as if it wasn’t heavy at all.

“Then you just need to pull the trigger in the back. Try shooting something with it.”
“Very well. I’ll target that boulder then.”

Mette pointed at a boulder in the field, and then she pulled the trigger.

There was a loud whoosh sound, and the platform shook violently.
And then the spear that was launched from the ballista hit the boulder perfectly.

“Ohh! How very interesting! As the spear is thick, we’ll be able to take down even bigger prey. We’ll be fine no matter what comes our way.”
“Well, something like that. Also, this can shoot rocks as well. And also…”

I turned my head towards the south.

And then, I could see the slimes moving our way, one after another.

When I went down to the bottom of the tower, I collected the black substances the slimes had brought me.

Then I carefully crushed it into powder.

After that, I asked Ecleshia for their cooperation.
This was to defeat the slave hunters.

That night, the howling of the werewolves echoed from the north.

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    That isn’t a catapult. It is a ballista.

    A ballista is basically a giant crossbow.

    A catapult uses either a cup or sling to hurl projectiles, and as such, doesn’t work too well when loaded with spears or arrows.

    • I was just about to say the same thing. When it first said ‘catapult’ I was wondering if he planned to destroy the forest with the Ents in it, because catapults can’t be used short distance.

    • That said, bit of a weird ballista to fire rocks. It has all the same problems as making a crossbow fire rocks. I guess it is formed more like a slingshot? I also have questions about the lever to draw ratio, don’t ballistas usually use wheels to draw like a catapult?
      Guess I have something new to read about.

  2. Oh? Did the slimes get gunpowder or some magical equivalent? I guess it’s time to make magical frag grenades.

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