Seisan Mahoushi – 63

Chapter 63 – We Named it Purple Iron!

The day after we saved the dwarves, lively voices echoed in the morning air.

“G’morning! Joshua, I have brought the purple iron!”

Ymir had come to greet me.
And with a proud grin, she pointed to the slimes and Golems that were behind her.

They were carrying the rocks that contained the purple ore.
The ore that even Iria has said was very hard.

We had decided to call the ore ‘purple iron.’

“Ah, Ymir. Thank you.”
“You are very welcome! We will bring even more, so you should look forward to that!”
“Aye. But don’t overwork yourselves.”

From what I could see, there was enough to make a hundred swords. And there was also some iron, bronze and coal as well.

So the mining was going very smoothly for the dwarves.

However, one thing that I was worried about was the long distance between the dwarf cave and our village.

The orcs had fled because they fought and were defeated by humans to the north, and so it was quite possible that humans would come down here as well.

If the slimes continued to carry the ore and food supplies back and forth, they might be attacked.

Perhaps they would require armed guards to protect them.
It was the same for transportation to and from the south mine and the Tengus.

I suppose it would be best to leave it to Melk’s werewolves, as they were the fastest on foot.

Not only did they have great arm strength, but their sense of smell and sight were also good. And so they would be able to detect if the enemy was coming in great numbers, and be able to escape quickly.

Of course, I would have the werewolves continue to act as scouts and hunters as well.

In any case, I would discuss the matter with Melk later.

As I thought of such things, Mette gazed at the growing pile of purple iron and said,

“Ohhh! There is so much. Ymir, this is amazing.”
“Hehehe! You should praise me even more! After all, we will bring a mountain’s worth next time!”

Ymir said proudly. And Mette smiled.

“I shall look forward to that. By the way, Joshua. Are you going to use it to make weapons?”
“Indeed. But I think that I should make armor and shields first. So that we can fight when outside of the castle walls as well… For instance…”

I immediately smelted the gathered purple iron ore, and crafted plate mail to cover the entire body, and shields that were as tall as Kijins.

“Wooah! This shield and armor reminds me of that man we fought before.”

Mette was talking about Gaius from the Knights Order, who had been cut down by Iria.
He had been equipped with similar plate mail and shield.

“Aye. And if I make helmets, we can be just like him.”
“I doubt we’ll ever be hurt with this on.”
“It’s even strong against magic, so you can be a little reckless.”
“I see. And it’s so light as well.”

Mette picked up the plate mail and shield as if they weighed nothing.

But while it was lighter than iron, it still had a decent weight to it…

“Also, I think we should have the Golems carry these. Or maybe I should just make Golems out of purple iron.”

If the giant Golems wore this armor and carried shields, then it would be very difficult to defeat them.
Yes, Iria would be the only one who could manage it.

Just like the time when we defeated the undead dragon, they were always given the more dangerous roles.
And so it was necessary to strengthen their equipment.

“Those rock giants? Surely there is not enough for that?”

Mette said, but Ymir replied cheerfully.

“You need not worry about that! We’ll keep digging and digging!”

Yimir said, and then she returned to the east with the slimes and Golems once again.

“Perhaps there really will be a mountain by tomorrow…”

Mette muttered, and I nodded.

“I can’t fall behind. I’ll make a lot of equipment then.”

After that, I focused on crafting armor and shields made of purple iron for the Golems.

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