Seisan Mahoushi – 15

Chapter 15 – I Surrounded The Village With A Fence!

“Gather the horses into the village! And take the equipment over to Joshua!”

Mette said as she ordered the Kijins to gather the things that the slave hunters had left.

The Kijins had defeated the slave hunters so easily.
Perhaps they were a tribe with great combat ability, and all they needed was proper weapons.

Just then, the small wolf crouched low in front of Iria and bowed its head.

“Thank you…I am my father’s…the daughter of Chief Faron of the Marites tribe. I’m Melk.”
“Ms. Melk. I am called Iria of the Fendel tribe.”
“Ah…forgive me. I am called Melk.”

Melk repeated as if she had gotten it wrong the first time.

“Y-you really don’t need to be so formal, Ms. Melk.”
“I…do not?”

Melk said as she tilted her head to the side.

“You don’t need to go out of your way to choose difficult words, that’s what she means.”

I said to her while casting healing magic on the injured werewolves that were around me.

“Th-the wound is…healed? And the pain…”

A werewolf said to me after being treated.

“My magic is just a temporary measure. You must rest quietly for a while after this.”

I said, and then Iria turned to the Kijins.

“Take those that Sir Joshua treated to the tents!”

While they looked a little anxious, the Kijins carried away the werewolves to the tents.

“From what I can see, I treated all those who required it.”

I said while scanning the area.

And then Melk came over to me and stared quietly.

She looked very sleepy, like she was in a daze.
Her eyes were drooping. And she seemed very quiet for a wolf.

“What did…you do?”
“It’s magic… Huh? You have a cut on your cheek.”
“Ah…I think it was a tree branch.”

Melk touched her cheer with her front paw.
It was a rather deep cut, but she had been so preoccupied with running away that she only noticed it now.

“Wait right there. I’ll heal it for you.”
“Yes… Ohhh!”

When the wound healed, Melk exclaimed in a surprised voice.

“It’s warm…very warm.”

After saying this, she fell asleep right on the spot.
There seemed to be tears in her eyes.

“This one…is still a very young werewolf, I think.”
“Aye. Adult werewolves are much larger than humans.”
“Her parents…I will have to ask the other werewolves about it.”
“You should do that. Can I go and gather wood materials from the area? I want to create a fence around the village, in preparation for the next attack.”

The watch tower meant that the enemy wouldn’t be able to take us by surprise, but if possible, I wanted a fence that we could hide behind and would also keep horses out.

Of course, it was a temporary measure. Eventually I would make a castle wall once I had found some rock.

I would make a little more weapons and tools, and then we could go out and explore the area in search of stone and metal materials.

“Thank you. But, if it’s wood you need…”

Iria then pointed in a certain direction.

There was a pile of logs. In fact, there were enough to build a few houses.

“…Huh? Where did you get all of this wood materials?”
“Since you made us some iron axes, I thought you might have a need for it, Sir Joshua. And so I had them cut down some trees. I then ordered them to gather them into a pile right over there!”
“I-I see. Uh, thank you.”

Though, I had only made five axes… As for carrying them, it would be necessary to cut them into smaller sizes first.


I couldn’t help but mutter.
Far away, I saw someone who was carrying a giant five beter log all by themself.

It would definitely be impossible for a human to do it.

Kijins really were strong.

And that wasn’t all. They had learned to use the crossbows and iron axes in no time at all.
When people said they were slow to learn, they probably only meant reading and writing.

In any case, they could use weapons and tools with skill now… And so I wanted to make a lot of other things for them as well.

It was with such thoughts that I speedily built a chest high fence of logs around the village.

Furthermore, I taught the Kijins what little I knew about raising horses and riding them, and then I crafted more crossbows and spears.

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