Seisan Mahoushi – 194

Chapter 194 – A Miscalculation!?

Iria and the others reacted quickly.

First, Ecleshia used the plants in the ground to seal the movements of the emerging tentacles.

“I’ll hold them! Iria, Mette!”

And then Iria used her blade to cut the tentacles, while Mette used her club to smash them. And like that, they made their way towards the giant pill bug…the King Bug.

When the King Bug noted that Iria and Mette were approaching it, it spewed out a purple liquid from its mouth.

It was poison that would kill anyone who touched it.

“Leave it to me!”

Asuha said, and then she unleashed a strong wind towards the King Bug.

And so the poison covered the King Bug instead.


Mette jumped up, and raised her club above the head of the King Bug.


“It rolled up!?”

The King Bug had rolled up its body.

It was now in the shape of a sphere, and so even though Mette swung down with her club, it only bounced right off.

However, it was only a feint.

Before it knew what was happening, Iria had gone around to its back, and she used her sword to cut into the King Bug.

Indeed, her sword had cut through its shell.

However, as both shell and flesh were incredibly thick, it was not a lethal blow.
Not only that, but it seemed like several of her attacks had been blocked by an invisible wall.


Iria quickly jumped away from the King Bug.

This was because it had started to spin. Right there, at an incredible speed, it began to roll on the earth.

“Everyone, gather together!”

I shouted, and Iria and the others came to me.

And immediately after, I cast Hide around us.

As it was, the King Bug would not be able to see.
And since we had erased our presence and all sound, it should not notice us.

And so the King Bug was rolling in the wrong direction.

“Everyone, I’m sorry. Though, the cooperation and strategy was perfect.”
“No, it was our lack of power. We were too hasty. I am sorry.”

Iria bowed her head.

“No, Iria… This monster is called the king of bugs. The strongest monster of that type. I heard that an army of one thousand humans died against it once.”

It was not the kind of monster where there were many across the world.

And yet, why was it in such a remote place? Clearly, there must be some purpose.

“It has strong defenses…or rather, it is difficult to attack. My club and Princess Iria’s blade was not enough to sever it.”

I nodded at Mette’s words.

“It is especially strong when balled up, but even the hidden stomach is also hard and thick. On top of that, it uses Magic Shield, like I do.”
“In that case…”
“We have to get it from the inside.”

I said, and then I took out a sphere from my inventory.

Mette looked at it as if it was dangerous.

“It is that bomb thing that Ymir made… We used it to defeat the Kraken.”
“Aye. However, in spite of its size, this monster has a small mouth. And it can use Magic Shield. We will have to unleash numerous powerful attacks at once in order to… I think we will have to ask the Nowa tribe for help.”
“The Nowa tribe’s magic?”
“Aye. With their great numbers, if they were to unleash magic together, it will try to stop it with Magic Shield.”
“But won’t it roll towards the Nowa tribe then?”
“I will keep it distracted, so it will be fine… And I’ll have Ronea the demon help as well. The Nowa tribe will attack from the top of the rocky mountain.”

Upon hearing this, Melk asked,

“What about it having a small mouth? Should we call Monica?”
“No, it will take some time. And it will be dangerous if it goes far away. And so we will have to deal with it.”

I then faced the others.

“Once the Nowa tribe attacks, Iria will cut its outer layer. And then Mette will make it unroll by hitting it with her club. And lastly, Asuha will throw this inside of it.”
“In that case, I will tell Ms. Rona and the others to go to the rocky mountain.”

Asuha said, and then she went flying off to the south.

Before twenty minutes had passed, the Nowa tribes had rushed to the top of the rock mountain.

In the meantime, the King Bug seemed to have called in some killer worms, as they were now writhing on the plains.

Everyone shuddered.
To think that there were this many. In all, a thousand…no, perhaps there were even more.

Ecleshia muttered.

“I’ll try…to hold them back with the plants, but…”
“Aye. It’s necessary for us to put the plan into action at once. Alright, let’s start.”

I said, and then Mette nodded and unleashed an arrow into the sky.

Upon seeing this, Asuha flew off towards the mountain.

“Alright, now we just have to wait for the Nowa tribe to attack at once. And when the King Bug starts rolling towards the mountain, I will distract it by summoning Rona… Oh, it started…!?”

Suddenly, a flash of light shot out from the mountain.

The light then headed straight towards the King Bug and…

Immediately, a huge explosion spread through the plains.


It happened so suddenly, that we were all stunned.

In an instant, Ecleshia dug a hole, I built rock walls, and we blocked the explosive wind.

Eventually, the winds subsided.
And when we fearfully peered out from behind the rock wall, we saw in the distance, the King Bug and the numerous killer worms, burned to a crisp.

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