My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 436

We had a visitor

“I see, that is good. …Well, like that, we learned that there is a lot more to protecting a target, than merely becoming stronger.”

After seeing that we did not want to hear more, Phillip sighed in relief and his expression brightened.
Well, now that I had talked to Phillip about it, perhaps I would talk to Nicholas next time.
If he didn’t mind, that is.

“But as you and Lady Tilura are not training to become guards, you only have to continue and do as the master has instructed.”
“…Indeed. Clearly our goals are very different, and that is reflected in our training. I understand that now.”
“So do I!”

Tilura and I nodded at Phillip.
Mr. Ekenhart thought a lot about such things, and would have planned something that suited us specifically.
And so it would not be good for me to get carried away by these feelings of inadequacy, and start trying to do other things.
Deam had made me a little frantic, that was all.

I had felt that I had to become stronger in order to protect Liza.
But I never thought like that just a few months ago. And so I really didn’t know what to do now.
So perhaps Mr. Ekenhart had detected the change, and asked Phillip to come and talk with me.
…Or I might just be giving him too much credit. But it was clear that there was more to him than met the eye.

“During my training, I sometimes wondered why I chose to do this… Surely there was an easier path… But now I am Lady Claire’s guard. Being able to protect someone who is so pretty has rid me of any regret.”
“…Is that so? Hmm. I don’t understand.”
“Haha. Well, it’s something that men should relate to, isn’t that right, Mr. Takumi?”
“Huh? Uh…perhaps.”

I did understand what he was saying, but it was awkward to talk about it in front of Tilura.

We finished talking with Phillip, as well as the training that Mr. Ekenhart made us do, and then we rested.
Now that he had spoken to us, Phillip returned to his work at the mansion.

“By the way, Sebastian, father, and Claire seemed very busy?”

Tilura asked as we were wiping our sweat with towels and quenching our thirst with water.
Usually, one of those three would have come out to the garden to watch us.
Well, Mr. Ekenhart would participate.
And so Tilura was puzzled by their absence.

“Sebastian seemed especially busy…”
“…Did you call me?”

He should have been the most busy out of the three, and yet when I muttered his name, he suddenly appeared behind me with his usual smile.

“Hohoho. Did I surprise you?”
“…I suppose you did that on purpose?”
“Whatever do you mean?”

Sebastian did not look sorry at all. In fact, he looked very amused.
That was one way that Sebastian and Mr. Ekenhart was similar.

“Well, enough of such games… Mr. Takumi, a guest came to see you.”
“To see me? …Is it related to yesterday?”
“No, it is not. Well, to be precise, Mr. Hannes came to see His Grace and Lady Claire. But it concerns you as well.”
“I see… Should I go to the drawing room?”
“Very well. I will go at once.”
“Thank you. I will go and call the master…”

And then Sebastian hurried back into the house.
So he called me first…

“Mr. Takumi. It looks like Leo and the others are finished as well?”
“Ah, it does look like it…”

As I mused over Sebastian’s timing, Tilura told me about Leo and the others.
Tilura was not surprised about Sebastian’s sudden appearance… I suppose she was used to it after living with him for years.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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