My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 23

We Went Out To The Town

While Tilura continued to look like she wanted to come with us until the end, her drowsiness finally caught up with her, and she fell asleep. And so Ms. Lyra had to carry her back to her room.
Sebastian went to have the carriage prepared, and Ms. Claire went to her room to prepare for the trip. I had also returned to my room(I was finally able to find it without a guide), but as I had no belongings, there wasn’t really a need to get ready.
Still, I decided to use the bathroom, as I didn’t know what would happen while traveling or in the town.
Nearly an hour later, I, Leo, Ms. Claire and Sebastian gathered at the entrance hall.
About ten butlers and maids were lined up at the entrance in order to see us off.
Once we were all there, the door opened and two armored people stepped in.
They were likely the people who had been guarding the gate when I first came here.

“Mr. Sebastian, the carriage is read.”
“Thank you. Mr. Takumi, these are the two guards who will be accompanying you.”
“I’m Takumi. Thank you.”
“I am Phillip. I am captain of the guards for the Liebert house. And I’ve been charged with protecting you and Lady Claire today.”
“I am Johanna. I am a guard for the Liebert house. And I too have been charged with protecting you.”

Phillip and Johanna bowed together.
I bowed back after thanking them.
Now that I thought about it, they weren’t holding the spears that I had seen them with yesterday… Perhaps it was because they were inside the mansion now.
As I wondered about this, I decided to ask Sebastian.

“While they do not carry them inside the house, it is also because they will be escorts in the town. It will be much easier to carry swords than long weapons like spears.”
“I see. I understand now.”

Besides, they would get in the way of others and might be awkward inside of buildings.
While it may be possible, swords would be easier to use in tight spaces. Even I could understand that.

“Now then, shall we go, Mr. Takumi?”

Ms. Claire said, and so I was about to walk outside…

“Have a good day, Lady Claire, Mr. Takumi. Please return safely!”

I was about to move, and then those words came out of the mouths of ten servants all at once.
Woah. It was rather amazing that so many people could synchronize their voices and bow like that.
I couldn’t help but flinch in surprise.
This mansion really did have servants that were well trained. It showed how much of an upper class lady Ms. Claire was. It was with such thoughts that I stepped outside.
Outside, I looked down the road that led to the gates, and saw that there was now a carriage and two horses attached to it, and two horses that were not.

“So this is a carriage…”

I had been thinking about the kind with a roof, that I often saw in pictures and videos.
But the one in front of me was a lot smaller.
About two or three passengers could ride in the back, and then there was the driver’s seat.
It was shaped like a…how could I describe it…it reminded me of those two-wheeled rickshaws that you see in tourist areas in Japan.
Only there was a driver’s seat instead of handles for the person to hold, and there were four wheels instead of two.
And then it was attached to the horses so that they could pull it.
As I looked at it with a curious expression, I saw that there was something like a drawer underneath the passenger seat.
I suppose that was where you could put your luggage.

“Mr. Takumi, please get inside.”
“Ah, right.”

Said Mr. Sebastian, and so I got into the carriage.
Ms. Claire climbed in after and sat down next to me.
While I did get a little nervous at the proximity, I made sure that she didn’t notice!
I looked away until my heart calmed down, and saw that Phillip and Johanna had mounted their horses.
I see. So they would ride separately to the side or behind us.

“And off we go. Ha!”

Said Sebastian as he held the reins and made the horses trot.
So I was headed to a town in this world…I wonder what it will be like…
I imagined something like a medieval European town, so I suppose all of the houses will be made of stone or bricks?
The mansion was made of stone. But it was marble, and had the look of a luxurious building, and was not other worldly.
Though, there were small details that reminded me that this was another world.
And so it was with a feeling of excitement that I rocked in the carriage as it headed towards the town.

“Now that I think about it, the Gifts that we talked about yesterday…”
“Yes, what about them?”
“Since we are going to town, I thought that we could find out if I really have this ability.”
“Indeed… Sebsastian, what do you think?”
“Yes. After you have finished shopping, I think we should go and look into it. I’ve already told the others.”
“I see. Then we will find out if you have the Gift, Mr. Takumi.”
“Yes, thank you.”

We talked in the swaying carriage.
Though, it didn’t sway as much as I thought it would. Was it because it was a good carriage? Or was it that the roads were nicely maintained…
From what I could see, the roads were made of gravel.
It wasn’t asphalt like the roads in Japan.
I decided to assume that it was the carriage.
By the way, Leo was riding alongside the carriage with the horses that the guards rode on.
What I found surprising was that the horses weren’t afraid of Leo.
I had heard that horses scared easily, and were prone to being surprised or would run away if they encountered a frightening animal. But these horses may have been trained properly.
But then again, Ms. Claire had rode a horse to the forest, and she said that it ran away at the sight of an orc…
Perhaps there was something about Leo that put the horses at ease.
Before departure, Leo had licked the face of one horse and rubbed against its cheek. So maybe that was why.
In any case, I was most curious about this Gift right now.
It was an ability that was supposed to be a ‘gift from god.’
And so I thought that it must be similar to the cheat abilities that characters always got in cartoons and comics.
Perhaps someone else from Japan had come to this world in the past, and they acquired an ability and called it a ‘gift.’
Well, who knows what the reason was.
And so I sat in the rocking carriage and wondered about what these Gifts were.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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  1. I would expect entrance guards to hold halberds instead of spears as ceremonial arms. Spears are weapons regarded more as something low class, suitable more to conscripted militia than to servants of nobility.

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