My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 24

We Arrived in the town of Ractos

“Mr. Takumi, why do you look so serious?”
“No…I was just thinking about what these Gifts are.”
“What they are…”
“Mr. Takumi, while it is said that Gifts are something that give various abilities, there are not many people who have them. And so people who do are treated as very special in their city or even country. However, it is not yet known why a person has the Gift.”
“Have they not studied people with Gifts?”
“I am sure that they have… But according to the books on the subject, no one has ever understood why and to whom they are given to.”
“So I suppose studying is not enough to find out.”
“Indeed. Besides, there are all kinds of people. Some were recognized as having the Gift as soon as they were born, while others were suddenly able to use an ability after living for decades. I don’t know if there are special conditions that have to be met, but studying just a few people is not likely to give you an answer.”
“I see. And people with them are very rare?”
“Yes. It is said that there is one in every few million.”

In that case, there were probably a lot of people who had it but weren’t known…
Well, I suppose it depends on the population of this world.
The world that I was from had billions of people, so even if it was one in a few million, there could be around a thousand of them. But I doubted the population was that big in this world.

“Then I suppose there is no point in trying to figure out what it is.”
“That is true, Mr. Takumi. Besides, with Gifts and other abilities…I think what is important is how you use them.”
“I see… You are saying that no matter how great your ability is, it is pointless if you don’t use it. And an ability that seems insignificant can accomplish great things if you know how to use it.”

Indeed, it was about using an ability the right way.
I didn’t know if I really did have a Gift, but if I did, I would have to think carefully about how I meant to use it.
Well, it really could be something useless or I may not have any Gift at all.

“Mr. Takumi, Lady Claire. We will arrive shortly.”

We had traveled quite a lot as I was thinking, and so we were now close to the town.
It had been about an hour since we left the mansion…it really wasn’t far at all.

“Mr. Takumi, we will leave the horses at the stable as soon as we enter the town. So please wait nearby after getting out.”
“Yes, I understand.”
“And you will have to keep an eye on Leo.”
“That’s true.”

I would do just as Ms. Claire said and watch Leo carefully.
Well, I doubted Leo would actually move away from me.
But there was no telling what the surprised townspeople would do when they saw her.
…At least, Leo would not do anything…I think.
The carriage stopped at the gate of the town that was surrounded by a high wall made of stone. After Sebastian talked with someone who I assumed was a guard, we were quickly let through.
I did note that while we were passing through, the guards looked at Leo with great surprise.
But who wouldn’t be if they saw a wolf of that size?
Once we were passed the gate, we rode the carriage for a little longer until we came out into a plaza.

“Now, Lady Claire and Takumi, you can get off here.”
“Very well.”

Apparently, this was the place that they would park the carriage that Sebastian was talking about.
So Ms. Claire and I got out slowly, and then Sebastian took the horses and carriage, and Phillip took the two horses, and they left.
Johanna would stay with us for protection.
Leo was currently sitting quietly right next to me.
I watched the horses and carriage move away and then scanned the plaza.
It was filled with other people who had also traveled here by carriage.
Some were the kind of roofed carriages that I had imagined, while others were like a wooden box with two wheels, etcetera. They were very unusual and I enjoyed just looking at them.
But as I idly watched people unload their baggage, Ms. Claire called out to me.

“What do you think? Now that you’re in Ractos.”
“So this town is called Ractos? Well, I don’t know, as I’ve only just entered it. But it seems like it has a lot of people going in and out.”
“Indeed. This is not a very big town, but you must pass through it in order to go to the royal capital, so the traffic is always quite lively.”
“So everyone passes through, huh?”

If you had to stop by on your travels, it would explain why there were so many people.
But why did they have to go through it?

“One reason is because it’s close to the royal capital, but the biggest reason is the forest and mountains around this town.”
“Do you mean that forest that I was in?”
“Yes. That forest is to the south of this town, but… Monsters are often sighted in the forest and nearby area. It is the same with the forest and mountains to the north. And so many people will go through this town in order to travel safely.”
“I see. It’s better to go through a safe town, rather than expose yourself to danger.”

So this town would be the only way.
I doubted there was anyone who prefered to travel through dangerous forests and mountains…unless their work required it…if there was such work.
It was safer to go through the town, especially since going around the forest and mountains would waste a lot of time.
That was why this town was so lively.

“That building on the other side of the plaza… Is it made of wood?”
“Yes. Most of the buildings in this town are made of wood. While there are monsters, the forests ensure that there is no shortage of wood materials.”

So the buildings weren’t made of stone… Well, building out of wood should be both easier and cheaper.
Especially since they didn’t lack the resources.

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