My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 25

Ms. Claire’s Rich Lady Remark

As I talked with Ms. Claire and enjoyed the view of the town from the plaza, Sebastian and Philip returned after they had dropped off the horses and carriage.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Now, let us head to a store where Mr. Takumi can buy some personal effects.”
“Of course.”

Sebastian led the way out of the plaza, and Ms. Claire and I followed. The two guards trailed behind us.
We then went out into a big street.
Many people walked in both directions, and the place was filled with the ringing voices of merchants. It was even more lively than the plaza.

“This is the biggest market area in the town. They mostly sell food.”
“In fact, Mr. Takumi, almost all of our food is bought from this market.”

So all the ingredients for those delicious meals were bought here.
Indeed, when I looked around, I could see that in the stores and street stalls, they were selling vegetables and meat.
Ah, Leo…just because you found a place that is filled with strings of hanging sausages, doesn’t mean you can go over there.
You ate so much for breakfast and lunch. And you’re going to want it for dinner, aren’t you? So you’ll just have to be patient.
I had to grab Leo’s leg as she nearly wandered off towards the sausage store.


Leo barked in a tone that was either apologetic or disappointment. I wasn’t really sure. However, she did become quiet after that.

“Hehe. Leo really does like sausages.”
“Perhaps she likes them too much. There are times when she goes wild, so I have to be careful.”
“Well, we’ll give you so much sausages tonight so that won’t happen, Leo.”

Ms. Claire was laughing, but if Leo went berserk over her craving for sausages at her current size, then I might not be able to stop her.
And so I needed to make sure to calm her down before it happened.
Yes, Ms. Claire really was soft when it came to Leo, wasn’t she?

“Mr. Takumi. Do you see any food here that catches your interest?”
“Hmm… Nothing yet…from what I can see. I might find something if I take a closer look.”
“I see. Well, we didn’t come here today to buy food, so perhaps you can do that next time.”
“Yes. I would like to take my time and browse the area some other day.”

That being said, everything that I could see now looked familiar enough to food from my own world.
While they didn’t sell any fish, the vegetables all looked mostly the same.
The stall that we just passed seemed to be selling cabbages, and the stall to the right had pumpkins.
It was the same with the meat. I didn’t notice anything different.
I suppose there were normal pigs and cows in this world?
The orc that Leo killed in the forest had tasted like pork, so perhaps what looked like pork here was actually orc meat.

“Mr. Takumi. There is a tailor at the end of this street. We should go there and get you some clothes.”

As Sebastian led the way, we went through the great street market until we reached a small store that was made of wood.
I then had Leo wait outside.
She was much too big to fit in the store.

“Welcome. …Ah, if it isn’t Lady Claire. It’s good to see you again.”

When we entered, a man in his forties greeted us after seeing Ms. Claire.

“Mr. Halton. I’d like you to tailor some clothes for Mr. Takumi over here. Mr. Takumi, this is the owner, Mr. Halton.”
“I’m Takumi. It’s nice to meet you.”
“Halton. I’m very pleased to meet you too. So, you’ll be needing some clothes? Very well, just wait one moment while I prepare.”

Were they going to be custom made clothes?
But I didn’t mind wearing clothes that were already made…
Mr. Halton went to the back. I could see that he was preparing some kind of measuring instrument.

“Ms. Claire, is it really necessary? I don’t mind having something mass produced…”
“What? Mass produced clothing?”

Huh? They don’t have that here?
There are no factories that mass produce the same clothes in different colors and sizes?

“Lady Claire, most people buy clothes that are already made and are their size.”
“…Is that true? But I have never worn clothes that weren’t tailored for me.”

This is what it was like to hear rich people talk…
She lived in such a great mansion, so I knew that she must have a lot of money, but she was even more removed from normal people than I thought.
Regardless, I was relieved to learn that you could still buy clothes that were already made.

“…Uhh, could I look at the clothes you already have?”
“Oh? Ah, of course. Right over here.”

I called to Mr. Halton who was preparing to take my measurements. And asked if I could see the clothes first.

“But I think you should have them tailored…”

Ms. Claire muttered behind me.
Uh, but Ms. Claire, wouldn’t it be very expensive to have all of them custom made? Even though she would be lending me the money, I wanted to avoid spending large sums of money as much as possible.
And so I talked with Mr. Halton about sizes and colors as I selected some clothes.
I was also able to buy some underwear, including under shirts that were made of a material that would absorb sweat.
While I say that I bought them, it was Sebastian who paid for them, and that money was from Ms. Claire.
…I’m sorry. But I will pay it back once I can earn some money.
It was just as I was about to leave the store as a satisfied customer that Ms. Claire suddenly put her foot down.

“Mr. Takumi. I must insist that you have at least one item tailored for you.”
“Uh… But these clothes really are enough for me…”
“No! It will not do! Surely you must also have some proper clothing as well!”

I was starting to get a little scared of Ms. Claire.
Ultimately, I was overwhelmed by her intensity, and so it was decided that I would have something tailored for me.
Mr. Halton took my measurements and then we discussed what should be made.
But as I didn’t really know what kind of clothes could be made, I just asked him to make something similar to the clothes I was currently wearing, which I had borrowed from Sebastian.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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