Makai Hongi – 241

Chapter 241

I looked at the idiot siblings carefully.
Saifo was now as tall as me. That was significant growth.

But my body was still thicker.
And he was now entirely a reddish bronze color. I suppose that was his race.

“A special evolution, right? What did you become?”
Your evolution route was carved into the Orb of Control, and so you were able to understand it even if no one else could.

The name of the race would appear in your head.
It was one of the mysterious phenomenons of the Demon World.

“Me? Apparently, it’s called ‘Masurao.’”
“An Origin.”

I had never seen anyone like him.
After me, Saifo had evolved into an Origin. What was going on here?

And Masurao… Wasn’t that what they called wild men? It wasn’t a race.
Well, I suppose it was here.

“Hey, Golan. Ask about me too!”
“Beka, I don’t really care about you.”

“I’m joking. What did you become?”

She too was now something I had never seen.
There were resemblances to the Yasha, but she was still different.

“I’m called a ‘Dakini.’”

“Hey, what’s with that reaction!”
“Uh… I’m impressed that you survived. Good one, Beka.”


She was an idiot, but had managed to survive.
Also, what was a Dakini?
And she was also an Origin. Maybe I’ll call her Idiot Dakini.

Now that I thought about it, wasn’t there something with that name in India?
A deity that carried a tokkosho or something.

In Beka’s case, she had reddish pink skin.
And she wasn’t that muscular.

But she too had grown taller, and her nails had become thicker and sharper.
Also, her horn had grown and she looked more demonic.

After all, Ogres evolved through fighting with their superiors, and they had fought until they evolved into Origins… It was quite the feat.

“Ah, that’s right.”
“Huh? What is it, Golan?”
“What happened?”

They had been fighting against me for so long, that they had learned how to face with superiors without dying.
Perhaps that meant that beating them into the ground a hundred times every year had finally paid off.

“I’m glad. You two fought enough to undergo a special evolution.”

“Aye! It was fun. I pounded them into the dust.”
“And I cracked all of their bones!”

Saifo was carrying a thick club.
So I had no doubt about his claim.

As for Beka. What was her obsession with bones?
I hoped she wasn’t holding a grudge about what I used to do to her.

When I was too lazy to bother with them, I would sometimes just break her arms or legs and leave her there… Oh, there was something I wanted to ask them about.

“So, why the hell did you tell Janius’s army about it?”

“Tell them what?”

“I’m talking about the alliance with Demon King Tralzard and our country. That’s a top secret. And so this trading of troops is also a secret.”

“Oh, really?”
“I didn’t know that!”

They had not been listening then. Well, that wasn’t anything new.

“Besides, I didn’t tell anyone.”
“Yes! Yes! All I said was that I’d be happy to fight them again if they have a problem with me.”

Is that right? Then maybe there was no problem.
Had Rig misunderstood then?

“I just said that we needed to return to Melvis’s country, so if they wanted a rematch, they could come on over.”
“Yes. Exactly! Exactly!”

“So you did say it! You idiot siblings!!”

Why would you tell them that you were returning to Melvis’s country!
That’s the same thing as exposing it.

They really were idiots.
What were they going to do if this caused a war between Demon King Janius and our country?

“Alright, Rig.”
“What is it?”

“Let’s pretend that we didn’t hear that just now.”

“Got it?”
“Uh… Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now I’ll just have to discipline these two, and it will all be over.”

“Hey, Golan. So you’ll fight me?”
“And I’ll go after you!”

“Aye, I will. I have plenty of time today.”

“Amazing! How generous of you.”
“Unusual too.”

“This place is too cramped, so let’s go somewhere else. Where would be a good spot…”
“Uh, Sir Golan.”

“What is it, Rig?”
“If possible…could you go somewhere that is far away from the tents?”

Indeed. If Saifo flew into one of them and tore a hole, it would be Rig and the Kobolds who had to repair them.
They were busy enough already, and I would feel bad if I created more work for Rig.

“Alright, then let’s go outside of the camp. Then we won’t get in anyone’s way.”
The defenses around the camp were strong, and there was no chance of them breaking.

Besides, there would be no one else outside of the camp.
And I would be free to punish them as much as I wanted. It was a brilliant idea.

“You two. Follow me.”
“Alright! Let’s do this!”
“I can’t wait!”

And so I left the campsite with the idiot siblings in tow.

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Makai Hongi

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