Makai Hongi – 240

Chapter 240

“It’s been a long time.”
Rig said when he arrived.

“Yes, it has. But I’m glad that you’re here. It’s good to have my Adjutant back.”
I wanted to leave the management of the Ogres to him.

As soon as I had gathered the Ogres from the villages, I just said, ‘all of you, follow me!’ and practically dragged them here by force.
We didn’t really prepare in any way, but I thought everything could be dealt with once we arrived. It was a forced march.

However, it would all be fine now that Rig was here.

“Now, Sir Golan. I have a few reports to make.”
“Yes, I’m sure there is a lot that I missed. So tell me everything.”

I wouldn’t have to do any of the talking, right?
A lot had happened to me on the way to meeting Demon King Tralzard.
Mostly, it was people challenging me, and I accepting the challenges.

And even after I returned to this country, it was the same.
People challenged me and I ended up fighting.

Seeing Rig like this made me really think about how long we had been separated.
I may have been doing little but fighting, but, what about him?

“First, after you left us, Sir Golan, there were several battles with Demon King Janius’s army.”
“Huh? Really?”

I thought things had settled down after Miralda wreaked havoc on the field.
It had been a battle on such a large scale.

“The smaller countries were in chaos, and so General Miralda had to send her soldiers to those countries. That is likely the reason.”

This cluster of small countries was located to the west of Tralzard’s lands.
Nehyor must have done something.

So, they were targeted while their soldiers were sent to the west.
Tralzard and Demon King Janius weren’t supposed to be fighting, but they were now thrown into a state of war.

Tralzard would then be fighting Demon Kings in the north and the south.
That was a terrible place to be in.
Well, perhaps they would be fine, as long they had their tactician.

“So, you fought against Demon King Janius. I’m glad you made it out alive.”

Well, not only were Saifo and Beka also there, but so was Painy and the Reapers. So maybe they weren’t at too much of a disadvantage. But it was still surprising.

“None of them were led by a General class. They were only corps led by people who were at the Corps Commander level, and so we were able to push them back to the border, with General Miralda’s help.”

“I see. So it wasn’t a large scale battle like the last time.”
“I think they came in order to gauge Tralzard’s ability to react. They didn’t come in too deeply or with much force. It was easy to drive them away.”

So that’s why. Perhaps they didn’t want a full scale battle in the first place.
A battle between Demon Kings was not something you could do when one of your hands was still busy.

Janius was currently in the middle of a war with Demon King Gidman. And so it would be a war on two fronts.
These little skirmishes were as far as they could go for now.

“I see. And were there any casualties on our side?”
“Some, but they were very light.”

“That’s good to hear.”

The enemy likely didn’t have much of a plan.
Usually, you only took heavy losses when you fell victim to some kind of trap.

“After that, we received the order to return. And so we started our journey back to this country. But that’s when we were attacked again by Janius’s army.”

“Again… But why? No, maybe it was the location.”
Considering where they were, they would have to travel northeast in order to return.

And that would put them very close to Janius’s lands.
They would have been seen as a detached force that was trying to go around them.

“That must have been difficult.”
“It was merely a matter of running…though there were some who did not run.”

Yes, some people could think of nothing but fighting when there were enemies close by.
Especially Ogres.

According to Rig, after considering whether they should take a longer route in order to avoid attracting attention from Janius’s army, or going at a pace that the enemy would not be able to keep up with, they decided to make a run for it. They had barely even rested as they traveled.

It was not a bad decision.
But while Ogres had ridiculous stamina, it must have been exhausting for Rig.

“As for the fight against our pursuers…”
“The ones who faced the enemy are all dead? It was the only possible outcome.”

They were like the rear guard of this retreat.
Besides, they had gladly gone out on their own.
It would have surely been clear to even them what the result would be.

It wasn’t anyone’s fault. In the Demon World, you were responsible for yourself.
had I been there, I would have gone out to save them. But I couldn’t do anything about battles that occurred in places without my knowledge.

“They were able to get out alive?”

They must have been incredibly lucky then.
Or the enemy made a big mistake.

“They crushed the enemy.”

Surely, that wasn’t right.
What was Rig talking about? Was he so tired from the long journey that he didn’t know what he was saying?

“Ah, Golan. There you are.
“We finally found you! It’s been awhile!”

The idiot siblings were here…? Were they?
I thought I heard Saifo and Beka. But when I turned around, there were two strangers standing there.

But, oddly…
Their Orbs of Control were connected to me.
That meant they were my subordinates.

But I didn’t recognize them at all.

“Now, Golan. Let’s do some training.”
“I’ll go after you!”

No, it was the idiot siblings.
So this appearance meant that they…

“You two. You underwent a special evolution?”
I asked. Rig nodded slowly.

“Yes… And a little problem has arisen because of it.”
“What? What problem?”

“The two of them faced Demon King Janius’s army. But apparently, the enemy realized that they were King Melvis’s men.”

Damn it!

Wait… What the hell did they do?

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