Makai Hongi – 242

Chapter 242

Well, it had been a while since I last fought against the idiot siblings.
It was the usual mock battle, but this time I would change it up a little.

Before going outside, I paid General Farneze a visit and whispered something into her ear.

—What ever happens, keep calm.

That’s what I said.
So, how much had Saifo and Beka’s strength increased? I was looking forward to finding out.

While part of this was to measure the strength of this Masurao and Dakini, it was also meant to have an effect on Kyuka’s army, who would surely be watching.

“Alright, idiots. It’s a race from here. Follow me.”


“If you lose sight of me, I won’t fight you.”

“You what?”
“What do you mean?”

The siblings became frantic.
We were still in the camp. Within the walls.

There was just one layer separating us from the outside.
I charged the hexagonal club with mana.

“So you better follow me closely. Got it?”
I said. And then I destroyed the wall in front of us.

The part that was hit by the club exploded loudly.

The sound echoed around us, and a great hole appeared.
I see. So that’s what happened when I charged my weapon with mana and hit my hardest.

“Now, follow me!”
Then I charged my legs with mana as well and dashed through the hole.


When I ran, the idiot siblings quickly followed.
Now, it would be like playing tag.

Along the way, I attacked them a number of times, launching them into the air, stopping them in their tracks.
And like that, we moved far away from the camp and towards the mountain up ahead.

“Golan, wait!”
“Hey, how far are you going?”

“If you can’t keep up, then you have no right to know. And if that makes you mad, try harder.”

“The hell!”
“Alright, I’ll catch up with you!”
They were easily provoked. They were idiots, after all.

And so it took little time to make it halfway up the mountain.
“This is a good spot.”

I had found an area with a decent clearing, and so I decided to wait for them there.
“As for enemy scouts…I don’t see any.”

However, there would also be some lurking around.
In order to avoid an ambush, they would have to be aware of our movements at all times.

“We finally caught up.”
“You’re too fast, Golan.”
The idiot siblings had arrived.

And they were…not out of breath.
They would have been running at full speed, yet that was apparently not enough to make them tired. It was a good start.

“You didn’t catch up, I was waiting here, idiots. Now, if you have time to talk, come and get me. Also, I’m changing the rules.”


“If you roll down to the bottom of the mountain, go home without protest. I won’t allow you to come back up here.”

They didn’t seem to understand why, but there was no point in giving a full explanation with these two.
I actually wished that I could give them acting lessons, but it was sure to be a failure.

“I don’t get it…but you’re saying that it’s over if we fall down. And we have to go back.”

“Yes, yes… Now, let’s start. Ah, there’s one more thing. No order this time. You can both attack at once.”

While Saifo was still talking, I slammed my foot into his stomach.
He drew a beautiful arc as he went flying through the air.

“I said both at once.”
My roundhouse kick went into Beka next, and she too went flying.

Saifo got up immediately and looked towards Beka as she rolled on the ground.

She understood what he meant, and they both charged simultaneously.
It really showed that they were related. They got along well, and were in sync.

However, from what I could see now, neither Saifo or Beka were serious. They were just coming at me so that I would taste their fists.
I dodged Saifo’s punches a few times and then tried guarding. Yes, his attack strength had gone up tremendously.
Had I been an ordinary Ogre, I’d be down in one hit, or perhaps a hole would open up inside of me.

And Beka was so much faster.
A few years ago, Beka had felt that she was stagnating, and so I had knocked her to the ground thoroughly.

I thought that it might break her spirit, but instead, she fed off of it and challenged me more often.
And then she started to use a combination of blunt attacks and lock moves.

Eventually, she even used feints, grappling and throws.
Once she could use a wider range of techniques, she began to search for efficient ways to fight. And I wondered, ‘hey, is she actually kind of smart?’ but I was wrong.

Apparently, she was just mimicking my own fighting style.
Once I realized this, I began to use Beka in order to experiment with…cough-cough…in order to show her different techniques.

Today, Beka was using feints and focusing on kicks.
It was rather fun, but this was no time to be enjoying myself.

My elbow shot into Saifo’s chest, hitting him hard off of his feet. Then I kicked Beka’s head as if it were a soccer ball.

They both retreated far back. Beka seemed to have a concussion.

“You would have died if this was before your evolution. That’s a great boost in toughness. I’m happy to see it.”

“Golan, you bastard…”
“My head hurts!”

“But you’re still too weak. Now don’t disappoint me.”
I provoked them deliberately. And Saifo took the bait.

He pulled out the club on his back. Now he was serious.
It was a giant version of the club he used to use.

And judging by how he swung it wordlessly, he was incredibly angry.
Well, he had always been weak to provocation. And I suppose his evolution had made him even more arrogant.

Saifo was holding the club with both hands and swinging it wildly.
The boulders around us exploded into fragments and cracks appeared in the ground.

Even I would not be able to escape injury if I was hit.
“Oh, what’s the matter? You can’t seem to hit me.”
Not even a little.

He charged in reply.

I ran into the trees, and he kept swinging, knocking down multiple great trees with every swing.
It was crazy that he could knock down a tree in just one hit. The difference from before was great.

“Well, this will be quite a fight.”
I thought as I continued to dodge his attacks.

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