My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 27

I Told the Townspeople that Leo was Not Dangerous

“Hey, walk faster.”
“Stop trying to run away!”
“You really picked the wrong people to target.”
“How foolish of them…”

I watched as the guards escorted the captured men away.

“Mr. Takumi, I’m very sorry. Leo shouldn’t have to deal with people like that.”
“No, please don’t worry about that. Well, it’s not like I even said anything to Leo…”
“Wou… Wuff! Wuf!”

Somehow, I felt that Leo was saying, ‘people like that need to be driven away.’
And compared to them, the orc we saw in the forest had been much scarier.
It was the first monster that I ever saw. The fact that I was being attacked by a pig faced spear-wielding creature was enough to scare someone like me, who had no idea what was happening.
Of course, Leo still defeated it in an instant.
Perhaps due to their clothes, those men had looked outright comical.
Even if Leo wasn’t here, Phillip and Johanna would have been enough to deal with them…that was the feeling I got.

“Um, excuse me.”

I was talking to Ms. Claire after the men were taken away, when someone called out to me.
It was a young woman.
She looked a little younger than twenty. It wasn’t often that I was approached by a woman, so I wondered what it could be.

“Is this wolf your familiar? And the lady next to you…did the guards say that she is Lady Claire?”
“Uhh…this is Leo. I think that ‘companion’ would be a better word. And…”
“Yes. I am Claire. Is there a problem?”

Ms. Claire and I answered, and then the woman rushed up to us and fell to one knee like she was some kind of knight.
Huh? Was it the way that knights knelt…? No, it was a little different…I was sure that I learned about it in history class… I think it was a way to greet your superiors.
Perhaps it was something that common folk did towards the nobility.

“Pardon me. Lady Claire, this is an auspicious day…”
“I am not here on public business today. And so there is no need for you…for you people to do that.”
“…Yes. Thank you.”

Upon hearing those words, the woman raised her head and stood up.
You people?
Wondering this, I looked around and saw that there were now a few dozen other people around us.
What was happening!?

“Lady Claire, is this wolf that is with you…”
“…Being secretive might just result in troublesome rumors.”
“I believe so, Lady Claire.”

Ms. Claire and Sebastian whispered to each other after hearing the woman’s question.
Oh, now they have turned to me?

“Mr. Takumi. About Leo…”
“What about her?”
“After seeing her size and how she broke that short sword, people will wonder what she is… Would you allow us to tell them?”

Sebastian asked.
About Leo… Did they mean about her being a Silver Fenrir?
I didn’t know why we should hide it.

“Yes, that’s fine. I had no intention of hiding that about Leo in the first place.”
“Very well. Thank you.”

As we were talking, the woman looked like she had been left behind.

“Um, what is your name?”
“Y-yes. I am Emeralda!”
“So, Emeralda. What were you going to say earlier?”
“…Yes. Um, it-it’s about that wolf. It has silver fur and is with Lady Claire. And it’s so big, and it shattered a sword. So I think that it must be a Silver Fenrir. The teeth of a normal wolf would not have been able to do that.”
“Yes, that’s true. Your assumption is correct. This is the great Leo, a Silver Fenrir and familiar for Mr. Takumi over here. And so there is no danger.”
“Is that…so…?”

The woman…Emeralda, looked at Leo fearfully.
I recalled Ms. Gelda’s reaction when we first went to the mansion.
Hmm… And there was one other thing that bothered me. How was Leo being with Ms. Claire connected to her assumption about Leo being a Silver Fenrir…?
I would have to ask about that later.
Sebastian would likely be very glad to explain that to me.
But right now, we had to make the people understand that Leo wasn’t dangerous.
Not just Emeralda, but the others who had gathered were clearly afraid as well.
Some of them looked like their world was about to end. But Leo really wasn’t that scary.

“Ms. Emeralda.”
“Leo is very sweet and not someone to fear. So please be at ease.”
“…But… Silver Fenrirs are the strongest of monsters. Surely they are not sweet…”
“Leo, sit. …See? What do you call that?”

I made Leo lie low and then patted her on the head.
Upon seeing this, Ms. Emeralda and the other spectators became frozen with shock.

“Leo won’t attack anyone. Besides, nothing has happened since we entered the town, and so the guards haven’t said anything. Surely that is proof that Leo is harmless?”
“Ah…indeed… When you put it like that, the guards did leave without saying anything…”
“…It’s because I told them that Lady Claire would guarantee their safety.”

…Sebastian muttered behind me.
I hadn’t known that he said such things to the guards, but it would explain why they didn’t say anything at the gate, or when they came to take the prisoners.

“Ms. Emeralda. Could you come over here?”
“Don’t be afraid. Here.”

I called Ms. Emeralda over to Leo and raised her hand so that she patted Leo on the head.
Leo didn’t mind being petted by strangers, and she looked quite relaxed.

“…It…does seem to be gentle.”
“Yes… And the fur…it is so soft… I didn’t know that Silver Fenrirs felt like this…”
“Yes, Leo does have a nice coat.”

There was something about touching Leo’s fur that soothed people…
It was so soft and fluffy.
That’s why I could understand why Tilura liked to hug Leo so much.
If only there was a pillow that felt the same as Leo… I couldn’t help but think such nonsensical thoughts.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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