Two Saints – 159


If they were coming from a door that was connected to the king’s room, then they were surely not enemies. And so Chiharu watched the door as Norfe stood protectively in front of her. However, the people that came out were completely unexpected.

“Huh, Sauro? And Amia?”
“I’m here too.”
“And me.”

If someone was going to come to help her, she expected it to be Maki and Edwy. Of course, she was happy about the others, but more surprised than anything. Still, Chiharu finally felt a sense of relief at seeing Maki and Edwy’s faces. Chiharu moved away from Norfe’s back, and Maki grabbed her hands through the iron bars.

“Are you okay? Did anything bad happen?”
“It was bad while I was being carried, but well, this place isn’t that uncomfortable.”
“Those blasted birds! I really should have kicked them after all!”

Chiharu laughed. On the other hand, Norfe was very surprised at her saying that it wasn’t uncomfortable.

“What are you talking about! They were pointing spears at you a moment ago!”
“And now that I think about it, they were about to kill you, Norfe.”

Norfe looked down. And then Edwy walked up to him.

“There is actually a lot that I want to say. However, I will only say this now. We have the king and Chouze.”
“Oh, thank you!”

Norfe fell to his knees and showed his gratitude. Maki ignored him and looked at the bars.

“Now is not the time for that. Let’s hurry up and get out of here!”
“But it’s locked.”
“The key! Of course!”

It looked like the iron bars had been made here and then fitted in. They did not appear to be too strong, but they still did not budge when Norfe and Chiharu tried to move them. Of course, it was the same with Maki.

“Well, it’s our turn now.”

Amia and Sauro stepped forward.

“Huh? What are you going to do?”

Maki said frantically. Chiharu looked at them and her eyes widened.

“Sauro, you don’t have wings!”
“Now? Now you notice?”

Maki said. But the others just watched quietly. Chiharu realized that it wasn’t important, and decided to ask about it later. Amia and Sauro silently put their hands on the bars.


And the iron bars were bent easily.

“That should be enough for Chiharu to come out. See.”

Amia smiled. He was sparkling, in spite of being underground. However, the gap was only wide enough for a petite woman to pass through.

“Uh, what about Norfe?”
“I’m fine. You must go, even if alone!”

Norfe said, but Chiharu still hesitated. Amia shrugged.

“Do we really have to help that one as well?”

Maki looked at Amia with exasperation. Not only did he know that his name was Norfe, but he also knew that he was a prince. And yet he was talking coldly on purpose.

“But it’s too narrow for an adult male to pass through. In that case…”

Amia looked over to Sauro, who was folding his arms and watching. Sauro shook his head.

“When it comes to leg strength, I do not match you.”
“I see. Well then, Chiharu and human child. Move a little to the side.”

While they didn’t understand what was happening, Chiharu and Norfe moved away. And then Amia stood in front of the iron bars


There was a powerful kick, and a crash. The lock and entire door were knocked out of the frame.

“No way…”

Chiharu was stunned. But Amia just said,

“It wasn’t much. Now…”


She wasn’t able to keep up. Then the small gazer moved past her. Now, beloved child. You must go outside.

“That’s right! Norfe!”

Chiharu stepped out and Norfe followed her.


The two couldn’t help but hug each other tightly. But now was not the time.

“Now, Chiharu. While the stairs are dark and narrow, let’s do our best to climb up to the roof.”
“Thank you, Edwy.”

Just seeing her say this as she looked into his eyes made Edwy feel that it had all been worth it.

“Hmm. I can sense monsters in the area.”

Amia muttered as he looked towards the cave.

“Apparently, there is a contraption in the hallway that opens up the border with the cave. That wall can go up and down. But I don’t know where the contraption is or how it works.”

Chiharu said apologetically.

“Hmm. I’ll take a look then. Edwy, I’ll leave the precious child to you.”
“Don’t look so worried, precious child. I’ll be fine.”

Sauro also signaled to her that he would stay. Sauro did not have wings. And Chiharu couldn’t help but feel conflicted about him doing work outside of carrying them, but if she hesitated now, then the whole rescue would be delayed.

“I’ll go ahead then.”

And like that, Chiharu was finally rescued.

“Now, while this divider looks like it’s made of rock, it’s probably wooden panels that are coated with plaster.”
“Otherwise, you would not be able to easily control it from the hallway.”

Amia had no intention of going out into the hallway to begin with.

“It should be easier than the prison door. We just need to kick it down.”
“Together then.”

They nodded to each other. Unlike before, they were more than confident.


They didn’t need to worry about anyone now, and so they kicked hard. And like that, the wall blew away from the other side.

They heard loud buzzing, as if there were bees. And then one by one, monsters started to appear until there were too many to count. Amia pointed to the hallway door that was still open.

“Go out. During the cycle of your life, it would be good to get to see what is outside the dungeon.”

As if encouraged by Amia’s words, the monsters moved out into the hallway.

“You should be able to go through gaps that humans can’t pass. Go out and help the beloved children.”

Okay. The monsters seemed to say.

“But we can’t even hear their voices.”

Amia chuckled.

“Now, merfolk chief. Let us go as well.”
“Mmm. Sorry. It must be hard for you, being down here.”
“It’s hard on my body, but my heart feels good.”

He said. But Sauro was covered in sweat. It must be very hard for him.

“To be honest, I did not expect the underground to be so bad. Just as we were made for the sky, you are made for the water. And yet you seem fine both in the sky and underground. I don’t understand it.”
“Perhaps the gods wanted to leave some primitive creatures.”

He joked. And then he let Sauro walk in the lead, and occasionally allowed him to lean on his shoulder.

And when they got back to the roof, they saw that Aeris’s airship was coming towards them from far away.

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