Two Saints – 63

Return 7 – When Depressed, Stay in the Corner


Several people were shocked by what happened at the merfolk island, but as Chiharu was used to it, she was the quickest to return to normal.


“Now, Edwy. We’ll arrive at the first chamber soon.”

“Yes, we will. I know.”

“So, can you stop it?”



Chiharu smiled at Edwy. Not understanding, Edwy smiled back. Then Nyran suddenly raised his voice.


“Chiharu, you…”


Chiharu nodded.


“This time I’m going to be one step ahead. We’ll go outside and try calling the gazers.”


“We can leave once we know there aren’t any. Right?”


Edwy, Kaider, and Nyran looked like they wanted to say something, but in the end, they kept quiet as the carriage was stopped. Aeris and Grudo watched over them silently.





Maki was better now, and so Chiharu pulled her outside. Kaider and Nyran followed after them. Chiharu and Maki stood side by side and looked up. They came. One. Two. Three. There were no four-legged monsters.


“So few.”

“Come here.”

“Are you sure?”


The gazer swayed as they talked to them. 

I am sure. They said.


Chiharu and Maki had never seen a gazer refuse to become a magic stone. They wondered what god had been thinking about when making these creatures.


God, huh. Before thinking about how this world worked or the meaning of the monsters, Chiharu thought of this god as the culprit who had brought them here. The anger she had pushed away into the back of her mind began to return then. Chiharu had to take in a deep breath to calm herself.


Of course, it was important to think about why this all happened, but there was still never going to be a way to undo what had been done. So for now, it was more important to think about what would happen in the future, then why the past had been the way it was.


Chiharu tried to maintain a normal facial expression, but her fists were clenched. Maki patted her gently on the back then. And like that, her anger disappeared.


“I understand how you feel.”


She said.


“But I don’t think you always have to be looking forward.”


Yes, there were times when you could feel depressed. She should share these feelings with the others.


Chiharu got back on the train and asked them.


“What do you do when you’re feeling down?”


They all looked at each other uncomfortably. Then Edwy said,


“Kaider, Nyran. You’re just the right age for this. Please tell us.”


He said.


“What do you mean, ‘just the right age’?”


Nyran grumbled. Kaider looked uncomfortable as he said,


“Sorry, I don’t feel like that very often.”


And then Nyran said,


“Sorry, neither do I.”


And the others all nodded. Chiharu could hardly believe it.



Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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