Two Saints – 63


“But, what about when your sword training isn’t going well?”

“I’ll train if I have time to feel down.”


It was no use. They were all meatheads. But what about Edwy?


“What about when things go bad diplomatically?”

“It’s not my fault that those old people don’t understand.”


Uh, he was a tough one. What about Grudo and Aeris? They had a lot of experience.


“What about when things go bad while developing things?”

“Hmm. Trial and error is the only way.”

“Yes, we don’t have time to feel depressed about things.”


What? Then what about this!


“What about when you are heartbroken!”


“That’s never happened to me.”

“That’s never happened to me.”

“That’s never happened to me.”

“That’s never happened to me.”

“That’s never happened to me.”


Those handsome bastards!


“We-well, Chiharu. We can always just drink something.”

“Ye-yes, Maki-chan. That’s it!”

“Also, umm…”


Maki folded her arms and thought about it. Chiharu became impatient.


“For instance, turning the lights off in your room. Then you sit down in a corner and hug your legs while you cry and cry.”


“Or you put on dark music or watch a sad movie.”



“That! I do that!”


Chiharu was relieved by Maki’s answers. They were girls after all. Huh? When Chiharu looked around them, there were people rubbing their eyes or looking up or staring at them with sad eyes. Even the servants were trying not to cry…


“Chiharu. So that is what you’ve been doing.”

“Uh, but it’s normal?”


Chiharu replied to Edwy. Maki looked away.


“Chiharu. You don’t have to sit in the corner of the room anymore.”

“Well, I’m not going to go to you either, Aeris.”


Chiharu said. Then she turned to Maki. This time she nodded.


“Chiharu. I will practice sword-fighting with you when you feel like that.”

“No, that won’t be necessary.”


Maki was trying to hold back laughter as she saw Chiharu reply to the meatheads. Hmph.


She started to feel like none of it even mattered. And something welled up in the pit of her stomach. Maki-chan?





“Heh. Hahaha!”


How could they stay gloomy when no one in this world seemed to feel down?




“And Maki’s smiling…”


And so the train was filled with smiles as Chiharu and Maki rode it back to Midland.


That is, until they saw Arther and Zynis waiting for them at the station.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter qwq
    Though I do gotta ask, is it lke this for the chapters ahead? I mean does it continue to focus on Chiharu more than Maki? It feels like we hear more from Chiharu than Maki and honestly, not digging it my dude. I like Maki more, but thats also just me.

  2. What an enjoyable journey! There’s a perfect balance of humor, mystery and action that made me want to plow through all the chapters. Thanks for the great translations!

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