Two Saints – 64

Return 8 – To the Castle

Arthur: King of Midland

Zynis: Beastkin dog. 2 meters tall. A diplomat.


Once they reached the station, Edwy was the first to jump out.



“Hmm. It seems you were able to fulfill your role. Good work.”


Arthur said as he unfolded his arms and his expression softened a little. Zynis also nodded as he stood next to him.


“I’ll hear your report back at the castle.”


Arthur said as he glanced at the train.


“Yes, they came back with us safely.”

“I see. Sauro told me about it, but I wanted to make sure with my own eyes.”


Edwy looked at him with suspicion.


“I know that you are worried about Maki and Chiharu. But for you to leave the castle…”

“Hmm. You’re a sharp little one, Edwy.”


Zynis said.


“Previously, you would have just hopped around with joy at your father welcoming you. But now you’ve learned to think.”


He continued with a nod. Arthur looked a little embarrassed. Edwy was a little exasperated that Zynis always treated him like a kid, but he wasn’t angry like he usually was. He wondered why.


It was, in fact, because he had accomplished a single great task. He had gained enough confidence that he no longer cared about what other adults thought of him. Of course, Edwy was not aware of this change yet.


“I would like to know the reason. But first, I will bring Maki and Chiharu and Kaidar and Nyran out.”


Edwy said. And then Arthur and Zynis replied.


“Yes. And we have carriages to take us back to the castle today.”

“Though, the birdfolk were loudly insisting that they could carry them.”


Edwy returned to the train and called to the others.


“Let’s go then.”


Chiharu looked at him and whispered,


“Was he angry?”


Maki didn’t really care and was willing to accept what fate had in store for them. After all, they had been right to leave the castle. Edwy looked at them and laughed.


“It’s all right. You don’t need to worry. Now, let’s go.”


He offered his hand, but…


“Well, since we’re here.”



Kaider and Nyran escorted Maki and Chiharu out of the train first. Edwy wanted to click his tongue in irritation. Oh, well. There would be plenty of time with them at the castle.


Zynis saw Maki and Chiharu come out of the train and he laughed as if relieved. He lowered his posture a little and waved. Maki didn’t hesitate to jump into his arms. Somehow, she found his presence very comforting. Maki wondered why that was as she buried her face in Zynis’s stomach.


Zynis hugged her gently, this time carefully so as not to pick her up off of the ground. You must not pick up a Saintess. He knew this very well. He then nodded kindly towards Chiharu. Chiharu walked up to him, and he hugged her with his other arm.


“I was so worried.”

“I’m sorry.”


Maki apologized willingly. Chiharu was saying something, but it was muffled, as her face was pressed into him. It was probably an apology as well.


“Well, I’m just glad you are all right.”


Grudo and Aeris slowly came out of the train as well. And there was a sense of relief in the air for a while.


“Cough. Cough.”


Maki and Chiharu looked up. 





Arthur spread his arms out awkwardly. However, they could not jump into the arms of a king. Maki and Chiharu looked at each other and laughed.


“Now, there is your carriage.”


But Arthur’s voice was drowned out by the sound of wings.


“Sauro and Saikania!”


Sauro and Saikania ignored Arthur, who was shouting, and they landed in front of Maki and Chiharu.


“So you were faster than the train after all.”


Chiharu said with a careless laugh. Maki was surprised and was about to tell her something, when…


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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