Two Saints – 64


“Huh? Huh?!”


Saikania moved behind her back.


“See! I keep telling you to be careful so that you don’t get abducted!”


Maki groaned. But, Sauro and Saikania were friends? Why would I be cautious? Chiharu shouted in her head. But…


“You’re being abducted yourself!”

“Me! I’m just following you!”


As if! Sauro was holding Maki and Saikania was holding Chiharu. And before either of them knew it, they were up in the sky.


“While it wasn’t made official, your disappearance would have made the people worry.”

“You should show yourselves to them.”


Sauro and Saikania said. And so they flew over the town and towards the castle at a low altitude.


“That does make sense…”


Chiharu muttered. Maki nodded and whispered back.


“But they totally just want to brag about how they’re carrying the Saintesses.”


However, the town’s people soon noticed Sauro and Saikania. And then they saw the black hair.


“The Saintess!”



They shouted and waved their hands. The smaller children tried to run and keep up with them. At the same time, they saw the carriage driving away from the station at a great speed. While they knew that the others wouldn’t see their expressions, Maki and Chiharu smiled and waved. They were moved and felt warm inside.


“Oh, no.”

“What, Maki-chan?”

“We’re wearing skirts.”



Well, it couldn’t be helped. They waved at the soldiers by the castle gates and then landed in the garden like they always had. They would have been exhausted had this happened on their first day. But they were used to flying now.

Of course, that didn’t stop Chiharu from complaining.


“I told you not to do it so suddenly, Sauro!”

“But at least the people are relieved.”

“You could have warned us!”

“But you would have chosen to go by carriage.”

“Yes, I would have! Saikania!”


There was no point in arguing with Sauro. But Saikania only shrugged her shoulders. Hmph. You couldn’t talk to either of them.


Just then, Maki stopped laughing and grew tense. Maki-chan? When she turned around, Maki stepped in front of her and raised her arms as if to protect her.


Chiharu peered over Maki’s shoulder. Aeris? No. Some blonde elf was looking down at them. This person hadn’t been at the ceremony. The elf looked at Chiharu and scowled, before raising a hand to cover his mouth and look away.


“This generation’s Saintesses are a rowdy bunch.”


The voice was cold, unlike Aeris. And then he turned back to them and said,


“You should stay in the castle and be quiet. Do you enjoy getting the world involved in your antics?”


Things never seemed to stay peaceful for long.

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