My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 437

I talked with Mr. Haines

“Kyuu… Heheh!”
“It was so fun running around, papa!”

After running for so long, Leo and the others came rushing towards us.
It was no surprise to me now that Leo didn’t look tired at all, but… Liza wasn’t even panting and was still energetic.
I suppose it was because she was a beastkin?

On the other hand, Sherry let out a weak bark and was panting with her tongue sticking out.
And she seemed quite unstable on her legs. Was she alright?

“I’m glad you had fun, Liza. …What about you, Sherry?”
“Wuff! Wou-wou!”

Leo was saying something about Sherry being weak, while Sherry barked in protest.
Well, if Liza was fine, then it was a little sad that Sherry the fenrir was so exhausted.

“…Well, you can rest here, Sherry. As for Tilura…”
“I will watch over Sherry!”
“Very well then. Liza, you should stay with them as well. Maybe you can continue to play when Sherry regains her energy. A guest has arrived, and I have to go talk with them.”
“Okay, papa!”

I didn’t know what had brought Mr. Haines here, but we were bound to discuss the herb fields.
Liza would just be bored if I took her, so it would be better for her to stay with Tilura and Sherry.
Leo then tilted her head and barked as if to ask me what she should do.

“Leo, you come with me. Mr. Haines is here. So you can meet him.”
“Wuff! Wou-wou?”
“Rosalie… I don’t know. I didn’t ask about her. Well, let’s go and see.”

Leo barked loudly when she heard that Mr. Haines was here, but then she immediately asked about Rosalie.
Rosalie was very fond of Leo, and they had played together a lot in Range village, and so Leo remembered her.
While Sebastian had not mentioned her, it was possible that she had accompanied him.
In any case, as the others drank water and rested, Leo and I returned to the mansion.

“Excuse me. …Mr. Haines. It’s nice to see you again.”
“Ah, Mr. Takumi. And Leo. It is good to see you! Everyone is doing very well in the village, thanks to you.”
“Hello Mr. Takumi and Leo!”

I entered the drawing room and greeted Mr. Haines, who was sitting inside.
And Rosalie was sitting right next to him. So he had brought her along after all.
After I greeted them, they immediately got up to their feet and bowed deeply.
They were grateful for what I had done for them, healing the sick with Ramogi, and stopping the orc attack.
…I didn’t feel that it was necessary, but I suppose they were being extra formal, because we were in the duke’s house.
Leo also barked to greet them, and wagged her tail when she saw Rosalie.

“And what about the wine?”
“We have not produced any more since then. After all, the merchant set the orcs on us… I don’t know where we will get grapes… Besides, there are the children.”
“I see…”
“Good Leo! You are as fluffy as ever!”
“Wuff! Wuff!”

As we waited for Mr. Ekenhart, I sat across from them and asked about how things were in the village.
Leo and Rosalie started playing… Well, she was grabbing onto Leo and feeling her fur.
…It was a good thing I had bathed Leo.

But I was more interested in the wine in Range village.
The merchants had made orcs attack the village, and were also the ones who spread the sickness.
Even if a different merchant was sent, they did not trust anyone who came from the count’s lands.
Also, they did not want to return to being as busy as they had been before.

“However…I think that you will be asked to start producing the wine again.”
“Is that so?”
“Yes. Though, I cannot tell you the details…”
“Is this related…to using lands near the village?”
“It is. Is that why you are here today?”
“Yes. I received a letter directly from the duke. We were to prepare a field… He even told us the exact location… And while it is an honor to serve the duke, I still wondered why…”

Mr. Ekenhart’s plan was to add herbs to the wine and sell it as a medicinal wine.
Well, he also liked the taste of the wine.
In any case, we had to have wine for that, and fields had to be prepared.
But Mr. Ekenhart’s letter didn’t explain any of that.

But judging by the time it was sent, not much of the details would have even been decided.
And since the duke had written the letter himself, Mr. Haines probably thought it would be more polite to come here in person, instead of writing back.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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