Seisan Mahoushi – 91

Chapter 91 – We Returned!

And so the elves and Minotaurs agreed to join us.

Currently, I was in the middle of crafting some tools for the elves.

As for the company of Minotaurs, I had sent them ahead to Fendel. I asked the demihumans who arrived as support from Fendel to guide them.

Berdos’s child, Moo, was still with Fletta. I suppose Fletta had some feelings about that.

“Hmm, this will have to do for now.”

I said as I wiped the sweat on my brow and looked at the tools and weapons that filled the small storage house.

Thirty bows and nearly three hundred arrows. On top of that, I made fishing rods, nets and other tools for fishing.
Now the elves would be able to hunt and fish for some time.

There were also other tools such as buckets, boxes and tableware. Also some simple clothing.

“You made so much… It is really amazing.”

Monica muttered as she stood next to me.

“No, I still need to make a lot more. Especially the arrows, as they will run out quickly. And so I will come here again. It will take too long to send them by boat.”
“Thank you so much, Sir Joshua.”
“No, thank you for joining the Fendel Alliance. We want to increase our numbers… Speaking of which, do you know of any other demihumans, Monica?”
“You mean, people who look similar to humans? But we have cut ourselves off from the outside world for so long… No, perhaps they…”

Monica suddenly looked like she had remembered something.

“You know someone?”
“I was thinking about the Kappa, who were talked about in my homeland.”
“Yes. They were supposedly sometimes sighted near the river that flowed through my homeland. And I heard that they had arms and legs like us.”
“You heard? So you’ve never actually seen them then.”
“Of course. No one had seen them for over a hundred years. They are very good at swimming, and were said to ride on boats, similar to the ones that you made.”
“So they are a race that live near the water.”

However, I had never seen a race like that near the water around Fendel either.

Perhaps they lived farther up north, or near the sea to the south.
Perhaps they had gone extinct.

“That’s right. Speaking of boats… I think that I’d better go and have a look.”

At the pier, Iria and Melk were supposed to be teaching the elves how to row a boat.
For the purpose of transportation and fishing, I had made about ten of them.

And so Monica and I left the storage house and headed to the pier on the south.

And there we found…

“Fletta, faster. You’ll lose to Albert if you don’t hurry up.”

Melk was standing on the prow.

And behind her, Fletta was rowing with the oars.

“Yes! I won’t lose!”

Next to her was Asuha, who had a somewhat anxious expression.

“Ms. Melk… I don’t think you should rush them so much.”

It wasn’t just their boat, but the other elves were rowing the boats as well.
And judging by how they were side by side, they must be having a race.

But Melk’s boat was in the lead.
They would reach the pier soon.

“We won’t lose! I, Albert, will never lose!”

Shouted the elf knight, Albert, as he desperately rowed his boat.

And then Albert’s boat suddenly closed in on Melk’s boat.

“Ah, that’s dangerous, Albert! Ah!”

Just as Fletta shouted, Albert’s boat turned over.

Asuha swiftly took to the air and saved the drowning elf.

After that, the other elves somehow managed to turn the boat back up.

Monica sighed with exasperation as she watched this.

“Really… After all your hard work, Sir Joshua…”

Iria was listening next to us, and she muttered,

“I suppose the things that Sir Joshua makes are so new to them.”
“Well, seeing them get this excited over the boats actually makes me feel that it was worth the effort.”

I answered, and then I decided to say farewell to Monica.

“Monica. I’m going to go in this boat and return to Fendel now. From here on, we can use these boats to communicate and trade goods.”
“Certainly. I will visit you myself tomorrow. Ms. Iria and the others are holding a meeting, so there will be much to discuss.”
“I see. Well, you should be able to reach us in an hour with a boat. But I would like to make a faster sail boat eventually…”

Though, even if I made one, no one would be able to sail it.

While oars required strength, they were easy to control.
On the other hand, while sail boats did not require as much strength, they were more complicated. Even I was not good at using them.

“That will come eventually… In any case, please be careful of Hell Alligators. And always keep spears and bows in the boats.”
“As you say, Sir Joshua.”

Monica replied as she bowed her head again.

“Sir Joshua, Ms. Iria… Thank you for everything that you’ve done. You have saved our lives.”
“But, Monica. The danger has not yet passed. We must continue to do our best, hand in hand.”
“Yes. I look forward to this continued relationship.”

And like that, we set out by boat towards Fendel.

However, Fletta and Moo were also on the boat.

“Are you sure, Fletta?”
“Yes! Moo and I will live in Fendel! We’ll be messengers for my sister and Moo’s parents!”
“Hoho. Like an ambassador then.”
“Yes, an ambasaddor!”
“Then we must prepare a grand house for you. Like an embassy.”

And then Melk, who was rowing the oars, muttered.

“Minotaurs are large, so it will have to be something very durable, or it will be a disaster later on. I think Moo will become very big in no time at all.”
“Now that you mention it… Yes, I also have to make houses for the Minotaurs.”

There was still so much to do.

By the time that the sun had started to set, we reached Fendel.

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