Seisan Mahoushi – 92

Chapter 92 – It Was Necessary to go to the City!

Close to midnight, I was south of Fendel village.

“Good, good. Is this alright then?”

I asked, but the Minotaurs were too stunned for words. They just stood there in silence.

To the south of Fendel. In the land with bare soil, I had created a new residential district.

A road stretched straight out from the village to the south, and stone buildings were made alongside it.
As Minotaurs would be living here, they were twice as high and wide as human houses.

Berdos, the chief of the Minotaurs, looked around in astonishment as he opened his mouth.

“So the rumors that you made the elf fortress in an instant…were true after all.”
“Well, it wasn’t exactly in an instant. It took me at least two hours. And I was only able to do this much because the villagers helped in gathering the stone materials.”
“…Regardless, we must repay this debt to you and all the villagers.”
“Don’t worry about it. We’ll help each other when there’s a need.”
“However, you even provided food for us. You worked all alone while I… Isn’t there anything that we can do?”
“In that case, Iria is going to gather everyone together tomorrow and discuss what is to be done in the future. And we will assign different roles, like hunting and farming.”

Berdos did not look very satisfied by this, but he nodded for now.

That’s when it happened.
Dust clouds rose in the air as something headed towards us.

“Baaahhh!! Where are these newcomer cows I heard about!?”

It was the Mopes and their chief, Celes, who arrived.

“Ah, there they are!! So you’re what they call a Mino!”
“I’m Berdos.”

Berdos replied calmly to Celes, who appeared before him.

On the other hand, Celes was incredibly excited.

“Very well, Berry! I came here to talk to you about the grass!”
“The grass?”
“Yes! After all, cows are our mortal enemy! They try to steal our grass!”
“We do not eat grass.”
“Baaah!? But it’s so delicious! And yet you do not eat it!?”

As Celes and the Mopes gasped in horror, I explained.

“They are Minotaurs, not cows. By the way, what do you eat, Berdos?”
“Eat? We eat moss and mushrooms, while our young drink milk.”
“I see. You were underground, after all…”

According to what I had heard from Iria, the Minotaurs had not tried to eat the fish and meat that was served in Fendel village. Most of them only ate fruits, mountain plants and mushrooms.

Berdos looked at the grass that grew at the side of the road and muttered.

“Grass, huh… Perhaps I should try it.”
“BAAAAH!! NO! The grass is ours!”
“Now, now, Celes. Actually, I’ve been wanting to talk to you about the pastures.”

I said, trying to calm Celes down.

“If you and the Mopes continue to eat the grass at this pace… The area around Fendel won’t have any grass left in less than a month.”
“Baah!? Truly!?”
“Aye. And so it will be necessary to grow other kinds of crops… Of course, it will take time for them to grow.”

I paused and then continued.

“And so I’m thinking about going to the human cities and buying hay.”

Celes looked saddened by those words.

I suppose there really was a difference between fresh pastures and hay.
Hay was usually prepared to feed livestock during the winter season, when there was little grass to eat.

However, Celes then shook her head.

“When we were in the Demon King army, that was all we ate every day. But now, we’re able to eat as much fresh grass as we want… Perhaps that is why…”

Celes’s body began to shake.

Perhaps it was due to her fat, but her body rippled like waves.

“I will go on a little diet then. To be honest, I’ve grown a little bored of grass.”
“Thank you, Celes. But I’m sure you will have preferences. So you should come with me when I go and buy the hay.”
“Of course!”

I nodded at Celes and continued.

“Well, it’s not just hay that we need. There are other food supplies and seeds for crops as well. Tomorrow, I intend to discuss it with everyone at the meeting.”
“Baaah! In that case, I will talk to the others so that we can decide what we want!”

So saying, Celes went back to the herd of Mopes.

“What a busy person… Alright, it’s getting late now. You and the others should get some rest, Berdos.”
“Mmm, we shall do that. But first, can we borrow some buckets?”
“Aye. Since there is a river nearby, we would like to fill them with water so we can wash ourselves.”
“Ah, so that’s why. Then what about the hot spring? There is no current, and you won’t have to be afraid of the water.”
“Hot spring?”
“Very hot water. Why don’t we all go now then? I’ve just been thinking about going in order to relax after today.”
“I do not understand… But if we can wash ourselves.”
“It’s decided then.”

And like that, we went to the hot spring and healed all the fatigue of the day.

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