Seisan Mahoushi – 93

Chapter 93 – We Held A Meeting!

And then the morning came.

Today, I would head to one of the human cities in order to acquire things that were not available in this village.

…But first, I needed to ask the others at the meeting what they needed, and we also had to assign roles to everyone.

And so I sat up in my bed and looked at the others who lay beside me.

To my right, lay the girl with long platinum hair… As always, Iria slept while holding my hand. At a glance, she looked just like a human. But she was actually the chief of the Kijins.

And to my left, spreadeagled, and snoring, was a girl with long black hair. She usually had a pony tail. This was Mette, a Kijin warrior.
One of her legs was on top of mine.

I felt a slight embarrassment at the sight of them, as they were both breath-takingly beautiful.

And when I averted my eyes, I saw a small wolf with fluffy fur sleeping near my stomach… And then Melk the werewolf woke up.

“Morning, Joshua.”
“Morning, Melk.”

I said, and then the two others woke up as well.

Iria gripped my hand and said,

“Good morning, Sir Joshua.”
“Morning, Joshua… Yes, you haven’t gone away.”

Mette said as she grabbed my arm.

“Don’t worry. I’m really just going to go to buy some things.”

I answered, but Mette showed no signs of letting go of my hand.

I was just a production magician who had been fired from the Knights Order, but after coming to this village and making tools for them, I had become close with everyone here.
And since I was going to a human city tomorrow, everyone was worried that I might not return.

Melk let out a big yawn and then rubbed her eyes as she looked around.

“Asuha and Ecleshia aren’t here.”
“They must be outside. We should go and start the meeting then.”

I said, and then I left the house with Iria and the others.

Once we were outside, I saw that most of the demi-humans had already started to work.

Kijin, werewolf, Tengu, Ent, Minotaur… In Fendel Village, many different demi-humans came and lived together. A short distance away, there were also elves and dwarves. And they were part of the Fendel Alliance, and we cooperated with each other.

Furthermore, there were slimes, Golems, and sheep monsters called Mopes, who also lived in this village.

The demi-humans all carried tools that I had made with production magic, and they seemed to be headed towards their individual jobs.

In the meantime, we sat around the circle table that was in the center of the village.

As we waited, my buddy, Wiz the slime, and the giant fluff balls…the Mopes, arrived.

Then the largest of the Mopes, the leader, Celes, greeted me.

“Bahh! Morning, Sir Joshua!”
“Morning, Celes. I’ll be buying a lot of things today, other than hay. And so I’ll get some good crops that we can grow that can replace the grass.”

As the Mopes ate the roots with the grass, we had decided that they must eat some other food for a while.
And today, I was thinking about mainly buying some hay in the city.

“I’ll be looking forward to it! But you don’t need to worry about the grass anymore! When I told Ms. Ecleshia about it, she said that there is a grass that grows quickly, and that she will arrange things so that we can eat it every day. She is already growing some of that grass for our breakfast!”
“Aye. So you do not need to buy hay anymore.”

Said a beautiful woman with long green hair and a sleepy expression. She had just appeared behind the Mopes.
This was Ecleshia. She was the chief of the Ents, who were tree-shaped demi-humans. But she could also take on a human appearance.

Ents were able to increase the speed that plants grew. I suppose Ecleshia had heard that I was going to buy some hay, and so she had grown the grass.

Celes and Ecleshia sat at the table, and then Mette said,

“In that case, there is no need to go all of the way to the human city.”

Indeed, as our main purpose, the food problem of the Mopes, had been solved, it was not necessary to go there.

However, Iria shook her head.

“Sir Joshua intended to buy seeds for other crops as well. We must go at least once to the human city.”

Upon hearing those words, Mette and Ecleshia’s expressions became worried.

“It will be fine. Besides, it’s as Iria said. We want other seeds as well. And I also want to gather information about the humans and the Demon King Army.”

Previously, we had defeated the Demon King army that marched from the south, and the Knights Order from the north.

However, it was possible that they had rallied their fighting forces since then.
Especially the Demon King Army, which had reached us after taking the human cities to the south. The Fendel territories were right between the human world and the Demon King’s lands, so it was necessary for us to know how things were with both sides recently.

“Indeed… Besides, I’m sure Joshua wants to meet with his own kind after being away for so long.”
“Mette. Humans have been here several times.”

Melk said. ‘That’s true,’ Mette answered.

As Melk said, I had seen humans here, though they were from the Knights Order or were slave merchants.

And then Ecleshia muttered.

“Joshua… That’s right. Joshua is a human, just like them.”
“But Joshua doesn’t act like a human.”

Melk mused.

Perhaps in consideration of me, Iria answered frantically.

“Don’t say such things. It must be that they are merely wicked people, and there are others who are kind, like Sir Joshua!”
“Ye-yes! I’m sorry, Joshua.”

Mette and Ecleshia bowed their heads.

So they didn’t see me as a human… Well, perhaps I really was odd compared to the others.

“No, no. Don’t worry about it… But it’s true that you cannot let your guard down when around many of them. Once we decide what to buy, we will go in a small group. So, what does everyone want?”

I asked, and then Melk opened her mouth immediately.

“I want books. Especially books where I can study magic.”
“Oh. Yes, you did want to study magic, Melk.”

Melk had mostly been using healing magic with the magic staff that I had crafted for her. However, I didn’t know much about magic outside of production magic, and so there wasn’t a lot that I could teach Melk.

“Very well. I will definitely buy some books on magic. It would also be nice to have other books on different skills. Is there anything else you need?”

I asked, and then a voice rang from behind me.

“I’m sorry that I’m late, everyone!”

It was Monica the elf, and Chief Berdos the Minotaur who were rushing towards us.

“Oh, you two. I was just in the middle of asking everyone what they wanted from the human city.”
“You are going to a human city? But there is nothing that we want from there.”

Said Monica as she sat down. Then Berdos opened his mouth.

“We do not desire anything either. We have everything that we could want.”
“I see. In that case, I will choose the rest then… Oh, it looks like Ymir and Asuha have arrived as well.”

Yimir, daughter of the dwarf chief, and Chief Asuha of the Tengus moved towards us.

“Sorry, sorry! I’m late! But I dug up something good!”

Black-haired Ymir said as she placed a sack on top of the round table.

Inside was…

“Yes! Father said that it must be good, since it isn’t silver or gold!”
“Aye, it can be sold at a high price. May I sell it in the city?”
“Of course! I’ll bring even more next time.”

As the dwarves were very skilled with mining and smithing, they helped us a lot.
And now, they could even craft their own tools. They really developed quickly.

Next, Asuha, who sat next to her, opened her mouth.

“Sir Joshua. I heard that you will be heading north today, and so I did a little scouting. However, there was nothing that should worry you.”
“I see. Thank you. So I can relax when I go to the human city.”

I answered, and then Iria said,

“Now everyone is here. So let us start the meeting.”

Today, since the Fendel Alliance had grown so much, we decided to talk about assigning roles between the different tribes.

That being said, it was more of a confirmation.

The elves would not be given any roles for now, so they could focus on becoming self-sufficient.
The dwarves would continue to mine and smith as they had.
The Kijins, werewolves, and Minotaurs would handle a wide range of roles, including hunting, gathering, fishing, and cutting trees.
The Ents would focus on farming.

As for monsters, the Golems would gather stone materials and the slimes were in charge of transporting them.

“Only the Mopes have no roles?”

Melk muttered, but Celes answered.

“Our role is to eat the weeds in the fields and the plants that grow on the road! And in spite of appearances, we can also be good scouts!”
“Well, there is no rule that you have to stick to any role. Everyone should just do what they like to do the most.”

It was not as if all members of a certain tribe had to do the same work. It was merely based on what they were most likely to be good at. For instance, Kijins could also mine if they wanted to.

After that, we decided on details such as gathering spots, transportation times and personnel, and then the meeting came to a close.

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  1. Well looks like Joshua seems to have more or less accepted he’s got a harem. He doesn’t freak out when he wakes up with a bunch of beautiful girls sleeping in his bed and he even noted that Asuha and Ecleshia weren’t there almost as if he knows they also sleep in the same bed as him usually. It does help that the girls don’t make any secret that they consider Joshua their husband.

    Y’know, that round table they have there meetings at is practically almost all of Joshua’s harem. It might as well be called the Waifu Council Table. Only exceptions so far are Ymir the dwarf, Monica the elf and Berdos the Minotaur. Though I think it’s only a matter of time before the first two to join the harem and I won’t be surprised if it turns out that Berdos has a human form that is female.

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