Seisan Mahoushi – 137

Chapter 137 – We Spent the Night On The Boat!

“Good, good. A great catch.”

I said as I looked at the fish inside of the bucket.

Before I knew it, it was already evening.

I had kept the boat anchored in the center of the river this whole time, and no water had leaked in.

“Surely there is no need to worry about the boat now. Still, that was fun.”
“Yes. Napping and fishing… It is wonderful to be able to relax like this.”

Iria said happily, and I nodded.

It really had been a slow and relaxing day.
Being able to fish to my heart’s content. And while the sun shone hotly down, I lay on the deck and rested.

“Aye. I would like to go to a different place next time. Perhaps out to sea.”
“I will accompany you when the time comes.”
“We should all go together… In any case, let’s eat.”
“Yes! After all, we have caught so much fish! I will cook them for you!”
“No, I will cook them too. We might need water magic.”
“Then we will do it together.”

And like this, Iria and I started to cook the fish over a firepit I crafted on the deck.

In order to avoid having the fire spread, there were stone tiles around this area alone. Besides, even if you couldn’t use water magic like me, there was water around us that could easily be drawn up, so it should be safe. There was also a bucket of sand to extinguish the flames when we were done.

I watched the fish as they cooked and said,

“I think they are almost ready. Will you call the others?”
“Ah, Ms. Melk and the others are having a slumber party at the school.”

There was a place in the school where you could sleep. This was so the elves and Kappas could stay there when they visited. There was even a kitchen, so you could live there if you wanted.

“Oh, is that so? Then perhaps Mette and the…”
“They are also at the school. She has gathered both the children and adults for a test of courage.”
“A test of courage? What is that?”
“It is an old custom among Kijins. You have to go to places where ghosts are likely to appear, and you have to walk around there at night.”
“I-I see… I don’t think that I’d like to do that.”

Though, perhaps it would be fun if I was with everyone.

“Well, Melk and the others know Hide now, so it should be quite interesting… Though, no one will be able to find…”

Iria muttered.

“But wouldn’t you have preferred to go with them, Iria?”
“Oh, I would much rather be with you, Sir Joshua.”

She said with a smile, and my heart skipped a beat.

“I-I see… Ah, the fish is ready now.”

I pulled out the skewers from the fire, as the fish had been cooked just right.
Iria and I took one each, which held a hefty trout.

“Now, let’s eat.”
“Yes! While it was merely roasted, it smells so good.”
“Actually, I added some spices…well, leaves to make them smell nice. Recently, I’ve been asking Ecleshia and the Ents to bring these kinds of plants.”
“I see… I am constantly learning new things every day when I am with you, Sir Joshua.”

Iria said with a laugh.

It was so bright that I averted my eyes and fixed them on the fish.

“In-in any case, let’s eat them before they get cold.”

And so we both happily bit into the fish.

“It’s delicious…”

The fluffy, white flesh. The juices that poured out with every bite.
And there was no stench, as I had removed all the blood and guts first.
I thought that I could eat ten of them. They were that good.

Iria was also eating hungrily and holding her cheek with her hand. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be enjoying it.

“I am very happy, Sir Joshua.”
“What’s this all of a sudden, Iria?”
“Nothing. But we must do this again. Go off somewhere together.”

Iria said, and then her hand moved to grip mine.

“Aye…indeed. I would very much like to go out to sea.”
“Then we must do that! The fish from the sea are also so delicious!”

After that, we ate several more until we were full.

“We should take a bath next.”

As I had brought a clay tub into the boat, we would be able to bathe as well.

And so we took turns taking a bath, and watched the stars.

“Ah, this really was a great holiday…”

I said as I finished my bath and sat on the bed in the cabin.

I was now dressed in my robes and was ready to go to bed. I would say goodnight to Iria when she returned, and then go to sleep.

As I thought of such things, the door to the cabin opened.

“Sir Joshua, the hot water was just perfect.”
“Ye-yes. You really didn’t mind going after?”
“Of course, not.”

Answered Iria. She was wearing the robe that I had given her. Only, she didn’t tie it in the front, revealing that she was wearing the undergarments I had made for her before. Iria has asked for them specifically, and they were made of lace. But I had never seen her wearing them before.

Iria then sat down next to me.

There was a soft, citrus-like scent in the air.
She seemed a little flushed and her hair was still damp.

And then she gently leaned her head on my shoulder, and I could feel the warmth of her skin.

“Iria…there is another bed.”
“But it is quite cold…”

The wind was stronger over the river. And so it was true that it was chillier than in the village.

“Well, you should go under the blankets then.”

I said nonchalantly.

After all, the Mope blankets were incredibly warm.

Iria puffed out her cheeks with great annoyance at this.

“Hmph, Sir Joshua… You are so childish sometimes. Very well, let us sleep then. I will turn off the lights.”

And so Iria got up and extinguished the lamp fire.

Footsteps echoed in the dark.

But they were approaching my bed.

“Hush, Sir Joshua. It is time to sleep.”

She said as she entered the same bed as me.

The moonlight shone down, and I saw that her beautiful face was close to mine.

“It is warm… I suppose it’s because we are together.”
“No, I’m pretty sure you have the Mopes to thank for that.”

Iria sighed with exasperation.

“Still, the moon is so beautiful. The quietness of the world around it just enhances its beauty.”

Iria said as she gazed out of the window.

I was also looking at the moon while lying on my back.

“Aye, it is. I rarely look at the moon like this…!?”
“You’re open! Hehe.”

Seeing her chance, Iria leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. I felt the soft, smooth lips over my skin.

“Wh-what are you doing, Iria! And you call me childish.”
“Sir Joshua. I’ve never seen you react like that before.”

Iria said with a grin.

I didn’t know what to say after that.

My senses seemed to have sharpened, and I could smell the scent of citrus from her. Had she put on some perfume after taking a bath?

…And then I suddenly remembered something.

We were in the middle of the river.
Once it was night, the demihumans who had gone fishing would return, and there would be no boats going to the elf or Kappa villages.
In other words, no one would be nearby.

It would be just me and Iria here until morning…

I didn’t know when this ‘test of courage’ had been decided on, but it seemed to me that Iria had planned it so that this would happen.

That’s why she was clinging to me so much now. Our limbs were entwined…and her silk-like cheek was against my ear.

“Hehe. It is just the two of us, Sir Joshua.”
“I-Iria. This situation. Did you…”
“I did. I sent the others to the school.”
“I knew it… Quite the strategist, you are… Still, if it is only us who are gone, I am quite sure the others will notice?”
“I told them that you are using Hide, and they are to search for you. But the time limit should be up by now, and they will have gotten hungry enough to rest and eat dinner.”
“Well, they will think it strange that they haven’t found me…”
“No. We agreed that the person who found you would have you all to themselves!”
“In other words, they all think that you won.”

Well, they wouldn’t be wrong, I suppose.

In any case, there was clearly no escape from this.

I was completely at Iria’s mercy then.

But as I mused on this new fact, I suddenly heard a thud coming from outside.

And then I detected the magic energy of a number of people from that direction.

“It is here after all! Iria is wearing an unfamiliar perfume!!”

Came Melk’s angry voice.

Iria’s expression changed as her eyebrows narrowed.

“So they are here… That Melk and her nose.”
“Chief Iria! You’ve been trying to make moves ahead of us! We will not allow it!”

Mette said, and the doors of the cabin were flung open.

And there stood Mette, Melk, Asuha and Ecleshia.

Iria got up to her feet.

“Oh, bother. And things were going so well… I really wish you people could read the room a little more.”

She said in an unusually irritated voice. I could not see her face, but she was likely looking furious right now.

However, Melk and the others had cloth wrapped around their heads in order to cover their eyes.

“Don’t think we haven’t taken specific anti-Iria measures! Now, charge!”

Mette said, and they all came running towards me.

Or they tried too, but then they started to push each other in order to reach me first.

I decided to take advantage of the chaos to escape to the deck of the boat.

But my attempt was foiled, as I got caught in the scuffle and was knocked down onto the bed.

That’s when the moonlight shone down, revealing a certain face.

—The face of an Oni in the darkness.

And just like that, I fell into a very deep, comfortable sleep.

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    • “read the room” is an idiom often used to English to describe someone not noticing the subtle social cues people give off, such as “romantic vibes” which aren’t always verbal. Honestly, it’s not a very necessary expression, but I don’t think it’s an error in this case.

  1. > Iria tries to get a room with Joshua
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