Seisan Mahoushi – 105

Chapter 105 – Fished!?

“What do you think?”

I said as I looked at the small sailboat that floated on the water.

It was about 8 beters in length and two beters wide.
The mast in the center was about five beters tall.
The sail was made of Mope wool, a fore-and-aft-sail, which looked like a triangle from the side.

Melk looked up at the boat and said,

“Woah, it’s so big.”
“It’s bigger than the rowboat!”

Fletta agreed.

Indeed, it was quite a bit larger than the boat that I had made on the elf island.

Iria seemed to be interested in the sails.

“And unlike the other boat, there is a pillar in the center, with a cloth on it…”
“That’s the sail. When the wind hits it, the boat will move forward. Like the windmill.”
“In that case, I’ll call Asuha. Asuha can cause strong winds.”

As Melk said, it would probably be best if Asuha was here.

After all, I did not know much about how to control such a boat. But if Asuha would create the winds, then there would not be much need to move the sails.

“Indeed. But we won’t be going far out today. We’ll just practice close to the village while searching for the child. And so there is no need to call the others.”
“Someone will see us eventually, and they’ll all gather around anyway! Let’s get on while we can.”

Said Iria, and Melk nodded in agreement.

After that, Fletta and Moo also got into the boat.

And so I let down the sails.

“Iria. There is no guarantee that we won’t be attacked by Hell Alligators. So watch Fletta and Moo carefully.”
“Of course.”

Iria nodded.

“We lure them with bread. I brought a fishing rod and some of the bread we baked yesterday.”

Melk showed me the fishing rod, and the bread that was attached to the line. Then she stood at the prow and lowered the rod over the water. As she didn’t want the bread to get soggy and fall apart, she made sure that it hung above the surface.

“Su-surely they would not be tricked by something like that…”
“It’s fine. Melk is good at finding different things. I’m sure she’ll catch something.”

…Like a Hell Alligator, maybe.

However, there weren’t as many Hell Alligators in these parts recently. And I had not heard any stories of boats being attacked between the elf village and ours.

As she watched this, Fletta opened her mouth.

“That looks amusing! We want to do it too!”
“There are more fishing rods over there. Fletta and Moo can do it too.”

Melk said, and so Fletta and Moo went to get the fishing rods. And then they stood next to Melk and cast their bread towards the water.

“I’ll catch it!”
“Melk will catch it. Melk will not lose.”

They continued to swing their rods.

I chuckled at the sight of them as I stirred the boat towards the center of the river.

As the wind was mostly blowing directly from the north, it was easy for us to go down the river.

On the other hand, when going up river, or coming back from the sea, the wind will be against us. And so we’d have to use oars or rely on Asuka and the Tengus.

With this sailboat, we will be able to carry a lot more cargo. Not only could we export goods to the elf village, but we would be able to trade with other demihumans that might live upstream or near the sea.

As I thought about such things, I noticed that the surface of the water began to stir. At the same time, I could sense magic energy rising from the bottom.

And judging by the shape…it was a Hell Alligator!

I quickly cast Magic Shield on the others and shouted.

“Everyone! Hold onto the boat!”

I shouted. At the same time, a giant Hell Alligator jumped out from the surface of the water.



It was swiftly struck down by Iria’s blade.
Since there were children here, she hadn’t cut through it, but used the blunt side of her sword.

The Hell Alligator splashed back into the water. But after seeming to sink once, it floated back up to the top. While it wasn’t bleeding, there was no more magic energy, so it must be dead.

Fletta clapped her hands happily.

“That was amazing!”
“Hell Alligators are nothing for me.”

Iria boasted.

Still, there were Hell Alligators here after all then. We really could not let our guard down.

But more importantly, if that hairy child really had dove into these waters…

Of course, it could have escaped far away. Perhaps it didn’t stay in the water long, and went into the grass.

As I wondered about this, Melk noticed something while looking at the Hell Alligator body.

“Joshua… That Hell Alliagtor’s stomach.”
“You’re right. It looks a little swollen. Could it be…! Let’s pull it up!”

And so we tied the Hell Alligator’s feet with some rope and then steered the boat to the shore.

There, with a speed that my eyes couldn’t follow, Iria slashed open the Hell Alligator’s stomach.

Melk, Fletta and Moo continued their fishing, but they occasionally glanced towards us.

And so open up the Hell Alligator’s stomach and…

“It’s a…”

Within the stomach, I saw the same hairball that I had seen yesterday.

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