Seisan Mahoushi – 20

Chapter 20 – I Made A Staff Out Of A Magic Stone

“What do you think? Does it look good?”

Melk spread out her arms and twirled.

The sleeves of the robes swayed lightly in the air.

As I had coated the black demon iron in snakeskin, it had a distinct glossiness to it.
And the size was a little on the large side.
This was so that Melk could continue to wear it for at least a year, even if she grew taller.

Iria smiled at Melk.

“It suits you very well. And unlike armor, it seems very light.”
“Yes, it is very light.”

Melk said as she jumped around on the spot.

“I made it like that so it wouldn’t be too burdensome. It should be lighter than any fur of the same size. Besides, I’ve also cast Magic Shield on the black demon iron, so it should be able to block a certain amount of attacks. Of course, you should still dodge them, all right?”
“Yes. Melk doesn’t like pain, so don’t worry.”
“I see. Now…next is this.”

I gave Melk the black staff that I had made in the Magic Workshop.

Melk accepted it and let out another weak ‘Ooh!’

However, her eyes were fixed to the black staff, and she began to swing it around.
I could see that she was happy.

Melk touched the green stone on the end of the staff.

“So this is the magic stone from earlier?”
“Aye. It will improve your healing magic. The black demon iron itself will allow you to use healing magic, so you can already use it now. Of course, it’s a low-ranking spell, so you should probably change it eventually.”

Still, being able to use healing magic was very important. After all, I was the only one who could use it up until now.

“Really? So can I heal that horse over there?”

Melk said as she looked at one of the horses that the slave hunters had been riding.

Unlike the other horses, it seemed to have fractured its right front leg, as it was lying on the ground.
And even when it tried to stand up, it was unable to do it.

So while the werewolves had been unharmed, the same could not be said for the horses.

But my healing magic was of low-rank, it could close up wounds, but it couldn’t heal broken bones.
And even with the effects of the magic stone, it would likely only be able to stop the pain.

“Indeed…it might ease the pain a little.”
“Then I’ll try it out.”
“I see. Then point the staff at its leg and chant ‘Heal.’”
“Yes. Heal.”

Melk said as she pointed the staff at the horse’s leg.
Then the magic stone at the end began to glow.

The horse neighed once and then got up to its feet.

“Woa! It really did heal.”
“Uh, huh… I suppose it’s because the stone is really big.”

This was a surprise. The horse had recovered its strength.

I had never heard of low-ranking magic like Heal being able to fix broken bones.
Was this also the power of the magic stone…

Well, I had painstakingly crafted it.
So I was honestly quite pleased.

“Oh? Now that is an interesting stick. And with that strange rock on top.”

Mette said as looked at Melk’s stick with a mystified expression.

This time, it really was a stick, so I couldn’t say anything…

“In any case, now the village’s defenses will be greatly improved. In fact, you were able to drive the enemy back already, so you’ll surely be fine even if I’m not here.”
“Aye! You can leave me in charge when you are away!”

Mette said as she pounded on her chest.

“All right. Then I’ll make some other tools and weapons, aside from armor and crossbows. We have more bones now, so maybe…I’ll try making a composite bow.”
“Ohh, a bow! I want one too!”

Mette said excitedly.
While they had been crude, Mette and the others originally used bows.
Much like spears, it must be their favored weapon.

“While it will take some practice, you’ll be able to shoot much faster than a crossbow once you get used to it.”
“Melk too!”
“Very well.”

I nodded to Melk. And then the other Kijins started to gather around me.

“I want one!”
“Me too! All of your weapons are really strong!”

‘Well, calm down,’ I said to them as I started to make the bows.

Among them, I saw that Iria had a slightly sad expression.
But when I looked at her questioningly, she just smiled back.

After that, we decided who to send to the abandoned mines, and who should go with them for protection.

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