Cave King – 130

Chapter 130 – I was provoked!?


“What was that? It sounded like something shattering.”

Ashton said. And Haines pointed his nose up in the air.

“This scent… The smell of apples is spreading. Perhaps it was a cup of apple juice that broke.”

However, Balpas looked at me with a worried expression.

“…I think you better go and look.”

I could tell how serious he was. This wasn’t a desperate attempt to run away. He was surely thinking about the same man that I was. And he was anxious.

“Haines. Ashton. Keep an eye on my brother. I’m going inside.”

“Aye. Please be careful!”

I left Balpas to them, and headed for the storage house.

Angry voices echoed around me as soon as I entered.

“You bastard! How dare you try and make His Highness drink that filth brought in by a monster!”

“F-forgive me! But we all drank it…and we are fine! And it is delicious!”

“Delicious? And you call yourself a citizen of Sanfaris!?”

A young man in a robe was shouting at a middle-aged sailor.

Oren was sitting behind the young man. He wore an expression of disgust, and I could see a shattered cup by his feet.

He must have refused to drink it and thrown it on the ground.

On closer inspection, there were about six other young men who were wearing the same robes.

All of them had magic energy. They must be from the Magic University.

“This is why I hate uneducated commoners! Your Highness!”

The young man turned to face Oren.

“The Duke’s people may be sorry excuses for human beings, but even they could do better than this! I will go to Heal and make some demands! No, he should come directly to you…”

“…Shut up.”

Oren said in a lazy voice. The young man’s mouth fell open dumbly.


“Hah… I hate apple juice. How were you unaware of that? The sweetness…the stickiness… It gives me a headache. I get annoyed. It reminds me of something.”

“I-I’m terribly sorry, Your Highness!”

“It’s fine. More importantly, the fact that you can’t even detect the presence of someone with magic just shows how worthless you are.”

The young man began to look around. His eyes finally fell on me and his face went pale.


“Now, what kind of excuse will you make for such a delay in detecting him? Well, perhaps you were just hopeless from the beginning. I know it all. You wanted to earn favor with me at the university, and so you used tools and potions in order to hide your inability.”

“I-I never did…”

“Well, even if you couldn’t use magic, you were one of the highest of nobles, and so I allowed you to stick around as a tool. And I’m sure you’ll prove to be rather useful.”

While Oren’s words were cold, the young man immediately bowed deeply.

“Th-thank you! It is an honor!”

“Then you must be quiet for a while… Dark Press.”

Oren said as he raised an open hand towards the young man. Then he squeezed his hand shut.

Without emitting even a sound, the man crumbled to the floor.

Upon seeing this, the surrounding crew slowly stepped away with expressions of horror.

On the other hand, Erevan and I ran towards the fallen man.

I quickly cast healing magic on him.

In the meantime, Erevan shouted at Oren.

“Hey, you! What do you think you’re doing!?”

“My, you have a loud voice… You really don’t need to shout. I can hear you just fine. Heal. There is no healing magic that can help him now. I crushed the bones in his neck to powder from the inside. Humans can’t move once that part is destroyed. Well, he might flap like a fish once in a while.”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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