Cave King – 130


Oren said all of this boastfully.

Indeed, it seemed that my healing magic was not working. The man looked at me with eyes full of despair.

“Wasn’t he your subordinate…? Why would you do this?”

I had known that Oren often killed animals and monsters for amusement. But humans…and a comrade, no less. I had no words.

But it was also possible that he had been doing such things all along without my knowledge.

Judging by what he had just said, this was not the first time he had done this to someone. Being able to destroy a specific part with this kind of precision required some experience.

There wasn’t a hint of shame in Oren’s voice as he replied.

“Why? Because he wouldn’t stop talking about how he would be useful to me. And so shouldn’t I be free to use him as I like? I am his master. Besides, I’m going to be the king one day. This is nothing…”

“I’ve heard enough! I’m sick of it! Try acting like this again… I swear…”

“Are you going to hit me again? Like old times?”

An old memory flashed in the back of my head.

It was years ago. A monster was being displayed in the palace, and I had started to feed it when no one was watching. To be honest, I am no longer sure if it really was a monster. However, I remembered that it bowed and was friendly towards me.

Back then, I couldn’t use any magic. And so I couldn’t heal it after the onlookers threw stones at it… I could do nothing but give it food.

However, one day, Oren found out about it. And he was the owner of the monster.

But in spite of the dread I felt, Oren surprised me by saying that he would give the monster to me.

You’re going to be fine now. I said as I tried to hold the monster to my chest—but Oren, who was watching this, used his magic to burn the monster right in front of me. There were no bones when he was finished.

My memories of what happened after that are hazy. Even though I knew that I couldn’t win, I had swung my fist at him. I remember that much.

“That expression… Ah, how I’ve missed it.”

Oren laughed provocatively. Then he took out a vial from his breast pocket.

“Do you know what this is?”

It contained some kind of white powder.

Normally, there was no way anyone would know just by looking at it.

However, I knew. He had kept it in order to show me. It could only be one thing.

The white powder—was the ashes of the monster he had burned in front of me. It had to be. With tears streaming down my face, I had buried them in a grave all those years ago.

This might have been the first time since coming to this island, that my face contorted with rage.

“…Why do you have that? I buried its remains.”

“I dug them up of course. I wanted to see your face when I showed it to you!”

Oren said innocently.

He was so very pleased to see that I was angry.

He had always been like this. Whenever I was angry or sad, he would smile.

“…Give it back. That is not something you should be allowed to have.”

“Of course! That was always my intention! …Here!”

Oren opened the small vial.

And the ashes suddenly turned into a black mist.

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  1. Disgusting little creep. Not only permanently crippling his subordinate by crushing the neckbone to powder from the inside, but desecrating a grave just for a laugh? Death is too good for him.

  2. Disgusting and evil natured little sh*t or a brother, with a uselessly strong gift that only gets used (or abused) with bad intentions, yet Heal is just too foolish to counter this sh*tty villain. With Oren being like this, Heal should have used any means to seal his magic, block his mouth, maybe even lock him in a nice prison (always dark, either silent or with constant creepy noises, the kind that deals mental damage all the time). I mean, we could all see this event was coming, Heal seems to also know, yet took no countermeasures. Pity, so far he took care of other intruders much better, this is truly a low point of the novel.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

  3. Sadly we all know heal ain’t doing shit, he’s to weak minded and kind hearted to be a ruler, i bet even if oren killed someone on the island, the author still wouldn’t make mc kill him

  4. People are acting like They want Heal to be a chinese cultivation novel who kills without care. But I think He is TRYING to prevent war since he doesn’t want to Start a war but if they attack first then They start the war and it give him a legitimate reason to kill the shit stains His main thing is making somewhere everyone gets along so to do that I think he want to maintain neutrality so he is willing to suffer if it means his Kingdom does not instigate a war. I think He’s doing great job tbh And I know y’all would complain if he just killed people and starts a war with his families country. It’s always how it is If they don’t kill someone they are weak and kind hearted but if the kill someone they are cruel,sadist, or evil. A good King priorities his country over himself and by not attacking them Stealth boy was caught spying which is a crime BUT He’s a prince if he was a commoner he could be jailed, interrogated, and executed or sold back(would most likely be killed for incompetence later anyways though) but Killing a Prince is a good fucking way to start a war and a grudge between Kingdoms and since our boy here leads a monster Kingdom and for magic boy we have while an asshole and sadistic FUCK He hasn’t done anything deemed needed killing for yet either Remember they are there as Diplomats Imagine a New country and They kill and start a wars with the first country to contact them Not a good straight in the long run to gaining allies

    • No one wants him to be a farmer but he needs to have some dignity as emperor.

      Also wars is going to happen not matter what he does

  5. “Why are you doing this? And Give it back ”

    Are the most annoying lines in novels…..I hate those lines because is always a weak character that says those

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