Makai Hongi – 60


“You! You! What do you think you’re doing!”

HIs roar echoed throughout the hall.

Well, it was a bit late to be asking such questions.

◎ Lesser Demon King Melvis’s Castle – General Farneze

General Farneze retracted her nails after they had regrown.

She opened and closed her hand several times and made sure that it felt it right.

“Still a little numb.”

She had not absorbed all of the impact of Golan’s attack.

It seemed like the obvious thing. Golan was easily the weakest person in the room in terms of mana level.

That meant he should be the weakest overall.

However, he had attacked her and cut off her nail.

A person with his mana level should not have been able to do that.

But then again, a mere ogre should not have been able to beat a Taiga or a Gigant Centaur.

And while Nehyor was impossible to read, Golan still had traits that were like other ogres. He was very straight forward. 

And it was also commendable that he got angry on his friends’ behalf.

“That’s why it’s too bad.”

It would have been different if he was a high Ogre. But he was just an ordinary ogre.

While Farneze’s opinion of ogres had changed a little because of the fight, there was still that remained the same in her head.

She would never consider him becoming a Demon King or Lesser Demon King. But a General or Corps Commander… Unfortunately, even that was impossible.

But what if… She couldn’t help but wonder.


She looked at the blade that had cut her nails.

It was just ordinary iron. Something that was no threat to someone like her.

She grabbed the blade and squeezed it. It crumbled in her as if it were brittle metal.

She could destroy it with her fingers as if it was the easiest thing.

“But if he can hurt me with it…”

If she gave him the Deep Sea Dragon Sword, Golan would still not be able to kill her. But he may be able to kill Nehyor.

That’s what Farneze thought.

“Well, if he’s coming to my town anyway, I suppose I can test several things.”

As Farneze was at the top when it came to vampires, she had never really thought about ogres.

The other Vampires were likely the same.

And that’s why she was interested in him.

“I want to give him the sword and see him fight.”

She muttered to herself and then laughed.

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  1. So she’s interested in him? Next thing you know she’s gonna be looking for excuses to go meet Golan and showing up at his house randomly. Oh whatever will the neighbors say?

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