Makai Hongi – 155

Chapter 155

One of Corps Commander Dyle’s messengers came to tell us that we would be resting for a while.
Apparently, this was the end of our training. We would be absorbed into some other corps and taught to scout or guard.

However, as we would all be going, we had to wait for the other races to finish their training before we could begin.

“He said that since you’ve only just fought, you could consider this as recuperation as well as a break.”

I couldn’t help thinking after hearing that.
The battle had been yesterday. And it had only taken up half of the day.

So it really hadn’t been that much exercise at all.
‘Oh, you must be tired, so go and get some rest.’ That’s what they were saying. But the truth was that we weren’t tired at all.

“Tell him that I understand.”
Of course, I was able to read the room. And so I didn’t say anything that didn’t need to be said.

“The Corps Commander has already left the camp in order to make a report. He should be back in a day or two, so I will tell him then.”

Apparently, he wasn’t here right now.

“I see.”
People who stood near the top sure had it rough. They were constantly moving here and there.

“Also, he asked that you be prudent in the future.”

Saying ‘I’m always prudent’ would be pointless now.
And so I offered a neutral smile and that was that.

“…I’m bored.”
It seemed like I was muttering that a lot lately.

It was only the second day after we had been told to rest.
But Corps Commander Dyle had yet to return.

I wished that we would be given some work to do. But our training had only just ended, and it hadn’t been decided where we would be placed.
Not only that, but I had nowhere to go. And so there was nothing to do but waste away near my tent.

It had been like this during the war as well. You needed ‘patience’ in order to ‘wait.’ It was an important part of strategy.
If you got impatient and attacked, you would lose greatly.

Wait until the time is ripe, and move when you should.
Do that, or meet an early death. And so I…

“All of you. Come at me!”

I had to help them let off a little steam.

Later that evening, I was reminded of something.
“Where’s Rig?”
I hadn’t seen him for a few days.

He would usually visit me in my tent at night, but I couldn’t remember seeing him recently.
“Maybe he didn’t come because there was nothing to report?”

No, Rig wasn’t like that.

“I guess I better go and find out.”
When Corps Commander Dyle was absent, it was Halm the Crystal Dragon, who I talked to.
Halm had a rather honest personality, and was always receptive when I went to see him.

“…that’s what I’ve been wondering. I haven’t seen the others in a while.”
It wasn’t just Rig. I hadn’t seen Painy or anyone who wasn’t an Ogre.

“They should be doing their survival training now.”
“Survival? You mean the training that we skipped?”

“Well, it was determined that you didn’t need it, as it’s the way you usually live.”
“What vicious slander.”

“Indeed, the training is only effective on people who usually live in towns. But practically worthless for races that are practically savages.”

“Well, you have a point.”
And to be honest, I did have some issues with the way that Ogres lived.

It was rather strange that Ogres could even be so self-sufficient. Everyone just thought, ‘I’ll make it if I don’t have it,’ or ‘I don’t need it then.’ No one seemed to have any ambition towards improving their environment.

“They will be training in a place that is several days away, so I wouldn’t expect to see them any time soon.”
“That’s very far.”

“If they undergo survival training in a place that is too close, then some of them will run away and come back.”

I guess these city people really were soft.
They had to be put in an environment where there was no escape.

“I see. I understand now.”
They would not be able to return until they passed. In that case, we might be waiting a very long time for those Vampires. They were generally very spoiled.

Or they might surprise me and return all toughened up. That would be a good surprise indeed.
And so I stood up and was about to leave Halm.

“I have a report! A holy stake has been discovered!”

Someone shouted as they burst into the tent. It appeared to be a messenger. But what was a holy stake?”
Halm did not rebuke the man, but immediately said, ‘Tell me the details!’

“A corpse was out patrolling the area to the west. The stake was discovered in a grove that is an hour’s walk from here. They are currently searching to see if there are any more.”

“And what was the condition of the stake!”
“It is still unleashing holy power. No one can touch it.”

“Then it hasn’t been long since it fell. Tell the others to be on their guard. Where’s the Deputy Corps Commander?”
“He gathered the Commanders together for a meeting.”

“That might be too late. Have a messenger sent to the main army… And the frontlines as well.”
“Yes, sir.”

The messenger left frantically.

“…Uhh. What’s happening? A holy stake?”
“There may be an invasion from the Celestial World.”

“The stakes can be hammered in without opening a hole into our world. And by using their holy power, they can spy on us.”

“Is that right?”
“We were told this by the fallen ones, so it must be true. And they can tell if the stakes land in the sea, desert, grasslands, or town.”

“He said they were searching to see if there were more.”

“They can acquire more accurate information if they use a lot of them. However, they use a tremendous amount of holy power. And holy power is the most important thing for residents of the Celestial World. Unlike our magic, it’s the source of their very life.”

And just like how we judged a person’s ability on how much energy they had, they also judged people based on the amount of holy power they had in their bodies.
However, holy power could not be increased easily. And when it decreased, your body would change.

As your holy power declined, so would their ability to think. And their form would lose its beauty… Well, that’s what they thought, anyway.

“To us, the residents of the Celestial World all look the same. They have no facial expression. It’s as if they’re wearing masks. But they prefer it that way.”

“Different places have different customs.”
“Aye. Still, I would not want to ever live in such a place.”

And yet they were using this valuable power to spy on us. It was only natural to assume that they were planning an invasion.

“Now that I think about it, you were talking about the condition of the stakes earlier. What did you mean?”

“Holy power changes when it comes in contact with mana. And in the end, they turn into pillars of salt. However, that hasn’t happened yet to this one, according to the report. That means it’s still sending information to the Celestial World.”

If they seriously meant to invade, they would do it before the stake turned into salt.
However, if there was just one stake, it was more likely that they were still investigating, and there would be no invasion.

But it would be foolish to make assumptions and not prepare at all.
And so they searched for more stakes while staying on the alert.

An invasion from the Celestial World, eh? It was quite frightening.
It seemed like it would be a good idea to return and equip my weapons.

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