Cave King – 79

Chapter 79 – We were targeted!!


As the sick and wounded were carried into Sheorl Island, First Rank Dragon Knight, Arder, was in the captain’s cabin.

“Did you see it? That island?”

Arder said to the men that surrounded the table. He smiled and continued.

“I did not expect to find an island so far away from the continent… And one with plenty of food and water, from the looks of it. But more than anything, they were decorated in gold and precious stones.”

Ever since he had stepped foot on the island, Arder could think of nothing but the treasures that the Sheorl monsters had been wearing.

He breathed heavily as he continued.

“If we took those back and offered them to the king… New titles and lands will easily be…”

Arder and the others had been ordered to create a map of the Barleon continent.

However, these were not terribly honest people who would just create a map like they were ordered.

On the way, they would attack coastal towns and trading ships to acquire loot… Arder intended to make his fortune during this voyage.

That was why they had decided to attack a Sanfaris port town just one week ago.

However, they had picked the wrong enemy.

This was the Kingdom of Sanfaris. A great military power.

With such tenacious stationed troops, Arders men could not even land. And it was as they desperately tried to escape, that the royal navy suddenly appeared. Arder’s fleet was not accustomed to sea battles. And so it was no surprise that they met a terrible defeat.

At the time, their fleet consisted of eight carracks entrusted to him by the king. And he had lost five of them in the battle.

Even if he did return with a completed map, the king was certain to hold him responsible. And so Arder was in despair.

And yet the royal navy continued to chase them. They could not get new supplies, and it seemed that nothing awaited them but death.

“Finally, luck is on our side…”

Arder looked out of the window of the captain’s cabin.

…Even if they only took the precious metals and stones they had seen earlier, it would make up for the five lost ships.

But not only that, there was a rare, giant tree and an odd statue of a naked man with glowing eyes… Yes. He would very much like to conquer this island and return with a report of this discovery.

Besides, the man who claimed to be the lord of the island was just a young human.

Judging by the pickaxe in his hand, he must have been the leader of some miners that were sent to the island. He did not look like a military man who was used to fighting.

And while his monster subordinates were armed, they were limited in numbers.

To us, they are nothing but lowly creatures…

“All of you, listen to me. We…are going to take this island!”

Arder declared to his men. 


“Erevan. Notice anything strange?”

“No, not in particular… Though, that is strange in itself.”

Erevan muttered as he looked at the wounded that had been brought here by boat.

They were currently lying on beds in the reclaimed ground.

Mattresses had been made with cave spider webs, which proved to be quite comfortable. They looked cheerful as they lay on them.

As they could use magic, Rienna, Baris, and Fule went about treating them.

Rienna was especially active in her role, and had food and water brought in as well.

“I will be with you in a moment. Ah, please give that man some water.”

The sick and wounded looked very grateful by her devotion to treating them.

Aside from those with ears that resembled dragon wings, there were also humans, goblins and other monsters.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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