Cave King – 79


We had watched them carefully to make sure that no one carried any weapons when they came. And it was almost strange how they were complying.

Of course, there was always the possibility that they could attack with magic.

And so I also monitored their magic energy. But from what I saw, it was about the same as average humans, and hardly a threat.

Besides, I had Golems stand near them. And our weapons were still directed at the ships.

Still, I was worried that something might happen. And I didn’t join the healers, and instead, kept my eyes peeled…

Erevan turned to me with a worried expression.

“Chief… Did you see his face? That one called Arder.”

“Yes. It was as if he was sizing us up the entire time.”

“So, you knew it. But you let them in?”

“…I’m sorry to make you worry.”

“No, it’s what I expected of you, Chief. After all, you accepted me, even after I pointed my sword at you.”

But Erevan continued.

“I don’t think of myself as a noble person. However, I and my men would never turn our blades on someone who saved us. But this Arder…”

He left the rest unsaid. Then he asked me,

“No, what he tries to do is not that important. I would not even need your help to deal with him. What I am worried about, is what comes after… What should we do with him…”

Erevan’s expression was very serious.

My method up until now… Would be to send him away alive. But that would mean unleashing someone who knew about this island.

Of course, Arder and the others would tell those in their country about what they saw.

Once this Dragon King hears about the gold and jewels on this island, he might send more invaders.

If only I knew for sure that I could fight them off…

If such a strong enemy were to come, I had no intention of holding back. And yet, blood would have to be spilled.

So, if I killed Arder and his men here… Perhaps we could avoid a bigger battle later on.

But like the principality ship that appeared recently, these people came from a country that was very far away.

Perhaps it was optimistic to think so, but if they sunk in the sea here, it would be a long time before someone came to take their place.

However, what if I was wrong…?


Sink them. Let them go… Was there no other option?

It felt like the time had come for me to reconsider my lenient ways.

As I troubled over this, the boy who could speak in the Barleon language, Berfalt, approached me.

Behind him, there were two unarmed soldiers with dragon wing ears. Were they monitoring him?

“Lord Heal. Thank you so much for your help.”

Berfalt said as he bowed his head.

He looked like he was still afraid of Erevan, as his movements were stiff.

“No. Of course, we had to help those who were injured. By the way, Berfalt. You can speak the Barleon language.”

“Ah, yes! I was born in the Amolis Republic on the Fallion Continent.”

“The Amolis Republic, huh… That country has a lot of merchants, doesn’t it?”

The Fallion Continent was to the east of the Barleon Continent, and they were separated by the sea.

The Amolis Republic was on its western coast.

The government was composed of nobles. And while it was a small country, it was very active in commerce.

I had seen their merchant ships in the royal capital, as they often came to the Barleon Continent.

And so while they spoke in their own language back home, many of them used the Barleon language for work.

“So, are you working as a translator?”

“No… I was an independent merchant who owned a small trading ship that was headed to the Barleon continent… But then they attacked me. And since I could speak the language, I was forced to work for them as an interpreter.”

“I see. Their country…the Vadar Dragon Kingdom. Is it also on the Fallion continent?”

“Yes. The Vadar Dragon Kingdom is close to the center. But they recently acquired some land by the sea. And so they are starting to explore outside of the continent.”


In that case, it really was unlikely that they would send more ships quickly if these disappeared.

As I thought this, the soldiers behind Berfalt clicked their tongues.

He heard them and became a little frantic.

“I-I’m sorry. I am not allowed to talk to you for long. In any case, I just wanted to say thank you.”

“Aye. Thank you. The supplies will be ready soon, and… Hmm?”

I noticed that another boat was moving towards us.

They weren’t armed. And aside from the rowers, the rest were lying down.

I suppose they were bringing in more wounded.

However, Berfalt looked puzzled.

“Huh? Were there more? I don’t think it’s right to bring in those with just light injuries… I will go and ask about it.”

Berfalt said as he headed towards the boat.

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  1. Well, dragon kingdom, but they have no dragons with them, it should be clear they have something else instead. Well, the real problem is indeed, how to deal with them.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    • Take the slaves and free them, put the rest on their boats and send them away, the other navy will eventually catch up to those fools and sink them.

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