Cave King – 43


As for me, I concentrated on sharing magic energy with them and blocking the thunder attacks with Shield.


Eventually, we could see that none of the Scissor Crabs were moving, and cries of joy erupted everywhere.


And so I approached Rienna and the others in order to commend them.


“All of you. You dealt with that so well. It was brilliant.”


They all looked at me and smiled.


“We’re not worthy of such praise, Lord Heal! Besides, without your power…”


Rienna started to say, and Baris and Kamyu nodded.


“Yes. That power…it was from you, wasn’t it? Without that help, the crabs would have likely covered our beaches.”

“Oh, yes. We really would not have been able to stop all of them without your help.”


Apparently, they had caught on to what I had been doing.

Well, I hadn’t necessarily meant it to be a secret…


“No, you succeeded because you all studied magic really hard. Also, those who don’t use magic also did really well.”


I praised Erevan and Ashton’s teams as well. And then we inspected the corpses of the Scissor Crabs.


“…Still, why are there so many of them?”


Everyone knew that Scissor Crabs came from the sea.

If I remembered correctly, they needed nutrition for laying eggs. And so they would come to the shore or to river banks in search of food.


However, this was such a large swarm of them, and so soon after the Leviathan too…

Was it really just a coincidence?


“Perhaps it was god that sent them to us? After all, what an amazing catch!! All of you! Let’s pull them up!”


Erevan started ordering the others to pull up the Scissor Crabs.


Well, I suppose it was a good thing that we had more food.

I had heard that Scissor Crab meat was rather delicious.

Furthermore, their hard shells and sharp pincers could be used as materials for creating weapons and tools.


“Aye. We should hurry. Let’s move them to the freezer before they go bad!”


And so we started to gather the Scissor Crabs.

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  1. Leviathan scales, Scissor Crab shells, mithril ores… I guess this island is getting all the necessary ingredients for weapon/armor production.

    • Nice. It wasnt a huge monster,but a huge plague and everything was solved.
      Discretely Mappa was making crossbows… that guy..

  2. First fishes, then some birds (if I remember well), then a huge snake, now an army of large crabs, they got quite the exotic meats. And Mappa already made crossbows? This dwarfy dude. Well, most likely the author wants to make it look like all work together, a serious hard-on for JP authors.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  3. Well that was a bit anti-climactic. I thought some giant monster would show up after they killed all the crabs but nope. Well something must have caused so many crabs to swarm. Anyways at least now they got a bunch of crab meat.

  4. Hm, nutricions for the eggs, scizzors strong enough to even break trees and now we have a world tree that blesses all the living creatures growing nearby along with a hot spring with healing properties…
    I think i know the answer, its the winery from the last chapter! They smelled the alcohol and wanted in! 😀

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat. (^_^)/

  5. By any chance could it be that Leviathan is those crabs’natural predator? Doesn’t it mean that a hell lot of those crabs might attack Sanfari kingdoom’s coastal cities? I wanna see the faces of mc’s sinblings whose territories lies on these regions as well as those who have strong bussiness involving sea products and maritime trades when a Scizzor Crabs TSUNAMI never once seen before hit them hard XD

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