Cave King – 44


And then she served the Scissor Crab meat into smaller bowls.

Aside from the crab meat, there was also fish and clams inside of it as well.


It was more of a soup, than boiled crab.

I had been expecting some fragrant, grilled crab at first, but since I was so cold now, this was much better.


Now that I think about it, what were Erevan and the others doing?


I looked around and saw that most of them were sleeping on the ground spreadeagled.


…Ashton, Haines, and Kamyu had passed out from too much drinking. Hell, so was Taran the Cave Spider.

They must have been drinking wine with their crab. However, they had emptied a whole barrel.

Still, they had blissful expressions as they slept. Both the crab and wine must have been incredibly delicious.


While I looked at Erevan and the others, Rienna gave me, Fule and Mappa our seafood bowls along with some spoons.

Ril, the baby kobold also popped out of nowhere and sat next to me.


“Pl-please eat up!”

“Aye. Nothing can stop me now. Ah, ohh…”


While my right hand was quite warm after holding the soup bowl, my left hand was still very numb. And so I dropped my spoon onto the ground.

But when I tried to pick it up, my hand would start shaking, and I couldn’t grab it.”


“A-are you okay? Lord Heal?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just need to warm up a little… Don’t mind me. Eat up, Fule. It will help you get warm.”

“…Yes. I’ll eat first then.”


Fule said as she took a sip of her soup.


“…Oh! It’s delicious! The princess really does make the best crab hot pot!”


Fule said excitedly. Rienna laughed.


“Hehe. Thank you, Fule. But without the Scissor Crabs and the leaves of the World Tree, I would not have been able to make it so well.”

“I think it’s because of your skills… But it’s true that these taste much better than any crabs you can catch in the river!”


Fule said as she continued to gobble down her food.


Ah, it looked so good… Well, maybe I could drink it without using a spoon.


As I thought this, Rienna took the bowl from me and scooped up some of the soup with my spoon.


“Here, Lord Heal. Just open your mouth.”

“Huh? No-no. You don’t have to do that.”

“Don’t argue with me! I want you to eat it before it gets cold!”

“Uh…thank you.”


Rienna’s rather forceful request could not be rejected.


Still, being fed like this was a little embarrassing. I felt like a little kid.

Even more so because the person doing it was so pretty…


That being said, I was also starving.

And so when Rienna raised the spoon and told me to open my mouth, I obliged.


I must have looked really stupid to anyone who was watching… Ah…


The crab slowly approached my mouth.

The moment my lips closed over it, I could feel the meat melt in my mouth.

The soup was filled with the flavor of seafood, and it poured down my throat.


What was this… Was this food…?


Somehow, everything I ever ate back at the palace was left in the dust…


I was so moved by it that I didn’t know what to say. But then Rienna looked at me with a worried expression.


“I-I’m sorry, Lord Heal! Was it not to your liking?”


I slowly shook my head.


“Rienna… You must be some goddess reborn… Or else, how can you explain this?”

“Lord Heal? Don’t you think that’s a little bit of an exaggeration?”


Fule said with a chuckle.

She probably thought I was joking.

But it wasn’t an exaggeration.


As for Rienna, she trembled and her eyes looked wet.


“Oh, I…I didn’t expect you to praise it that much! …Oh, that makes me happy! Lord Heal, I’m very happy!!”

“Aye, Rienna! I’m very happy right now as well!”


Then she offered me another spoonful.


“…Lord Heal!”



I quickly ate it.


Fule looked a little confused by what she was seeing, but in any case, that night I ate crab hot pot until I was stuffed.

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  2. Reading this chapter while family is currently making some Mahi Mahi in the kitchen. The seafood smells in the house make this chapter especially vivid to read

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