Cave King – 45

Chapter 45 – I dug up some bird bones!!!


“Ah, it’s so nice! So nice!”


Fule said as I followed her off of the iron carriage.


“It does make things easier. But it’s so fast too… A 20 minute walk is just a few minutes with the carriage.”


At this point, the carriage that Mappa made had replaced the feet of us miners.


There was only one at first, but now there were several of them connected together. And so it could carry many more people at once now.

Furthermore, under Mappa’s direction, the tracks were being extended by the monsters.


And while the carriage was operated by several goblins in Mappa’s place, it was still very comfortable to ride in.

It had been a little too fast for my liking at first, but it was nothing once I got used to it.


“Now we’ll have more time to dig, isn’t that right, Lord Heal!”

“Aye, that’s right! Let’s do our best today too!”


I said, and all of the monsters raised their voices in agreement.


And like that, our day of mining began.

Everyone went to their favorite spots and started swinging their pickaxes.

In spite of working so hard yesterday in order to expand the freezer, they were still digging enthusiastically.


It was the same with me. All the fatigue of the previous day seemed to vanish as I swung.


Maybe it was because of the crab hot pot we ate.

It had completely renewed our energy.

It made me want to eat it every day.


Well, either that or it was because Rienna had fed me… She even blew on it first to cool it off…


“Ehehe… No, I can’t think about that now!”


I turned my smirk back into a serious expression.


While I was in the cave, someone might be watching.

And they all saw me as the lord of the island.

…Well, maybe it was too late to try and keep up appearances.


In any case, the only one who was mining nearby was Ril, the kobold baby.


Ril had been awkward at first, but now her movements were quite impressive.

She was able to dig out rocks that were bigger than her. It was admirable growth.


I noted this while watching her. And then Ril suddenly stopped as if she realized something.


“Hmm? Did you find something, Ril?”


Ril’s little black nose pointed upward as she began to sniff the air.

Had she noticed some kind of smell?

Whatever it was, it wasn’t noticeable for humans like me.


Ril’s nose pointed this way and that way until she stopped and pointed me in a certain direction.


I looked, but it was just a normal stone wall.

I didn’t even sense any magic coming from it.


“There’s something in that direction?”


I asked and Ril nodded.


I guess there must be something there that was unusual.

And so I started digging in that direction.


After swinging my pickaxe a few times, an immense amount of bones started to fall to the ground.


The sudden change was enough to make my skin crawl.

However, upon closer inspection, I saw that they were not human bones.

They were small and thin… And more than anything else, they had distinct beaks on their skulls, showing that they were bird bones.


But they were much smaller than Killer Birds…

They reminded me of the doves that would sometimes fly in the palace garden.


Were they eaten and their bones discarded?


No, their heads, wings and other parts were all intact so that you could easily see that they were birds.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. Well, you can’t always find treasures and epic stones/crystals when digging. Of course, this ain’t simple either.

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