Realist Demon King – 89


Jochi said with a deep bow.


And like that, Zagam acquired his Hero.

This information would eventually reach the Ashtaroth Castle.


While my intelligence unit was especially brilliant, this information would have reached me quite easily without them.


This was because Zagam’s army started to expand suddenly.

With the son of the blue wolf working for him, Zagam rose greatly in just one month.

His forces were spreading rapidly.


Once Demon King Zagam had made Jochi his supreme commander, he allowed him free reign.


He also gave him plenty of funds and resources.

All of the gold and silver in the treasury was used to buy horses.


The Zagam army had always had a strong cavalry, but now, it was expanded greatly.


He did not care about how much materials were used.

He summoned centaurs, as they worked well with mounted knights. And with them, a task force was formed.

The knights used short bows and were trained so they could shoot on horseback.

So, what would happen now that they were led by the son of the greatest conqueror in the world?

Surely, it would result in the greatest chemical reaction.

Jochi stood in the lead himself, and invaded the neighboring lands.

It did not take long for him to steal half of the old Decarbia territory.


Soon, there wouldn’t be much left but the Decarbia castle itself. Such was the news that Hanzo brought.


Well, the only reason it still stood, was because Kongming was there, doing everything he could to hold off the invasion.


That was the report.

In that case, I had to go and help him at once.

And so I called the werewolf unit from the north city and Eligos Castle.

I told them that it was fine to leave the castle empty for now.

My subordinates looked at me wide-eyed when they heard this, but I explained.


“This will be useful later on. After all, people in the surrounding area know me as the king of strategy who is cautious. And here I am, leaving a castle empty. They will all assume that it is a trap.”


“Indeed. They will have to be suspicious.”


One of the demon officers agreed.


“This is called the ‘empty fort’ strategy. Kongming devised it in his world. It was used during a battle against his mortal enemy, Sima Yi. It was used to make up for the inferior size of his army. One day, Kongming received news that a great army was marching towards a castle that he had won. And so he left the castle empty and threw the gates wide open.

After seeing a castle that was so easy to take, the enemy could not help but become suspicious.

They even burned bonfires to lure the troops inside. But Sima Yi was too cautious, and fearing a trap, decided not to attack.”


“So you’re going to save Kongming with his own strategy. You are a wise Demon King.”


Saint Jeanne said.


“It’s because of all the rumors that the Master has been spreading.”


Eve agreed.


“Aye. Having the reputation of a coward and a schemer can result in loss of trust, but it is useful in a time like this.”


When Eligos Castle was actually left open, and the werewolf troops sent south, none of my neighboring enemies attacked. And so the plan was a success.


“…Well, then. Demon King Zagam, no, Jochi. I can now face him on equal footing. Kongming will last as least a few more weeks. The rest is up to my own ability as a commander.”


This Hero, Jochi.

The son of the man who built the greatest empire in the world.

What kind of general would he be? I was starting to get excited.

This was rather incorrigible of me, but my subordinates felt the same.


Saint Jeanne.

Toshizou Hijikata.

Chief Gottlieb.

And the werewolf commander.


The other officers all had similar expressions as well.


Eve pointed this out with a smile and continued, ‘maybe your personality is affecting them through telepathy.’

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    • Somehow I get the feeling that Ashta’s subordinates and the man himself are expecting Jochi to become their trusted ally once Zagam is taken care of.

  1. OK so Zagam might not say the smartest things like disrespecting the father of a summoned hero but he ain’t too proud to apologize so that shows he isn’t too dumb. Plus he ended up giving Jochi full run of his cavalry and lots of funds. I feel like most other demon kings would instead try to rule over and control any summoned heroes. Anyways I’m still hoping that Zagam decides to join Ashta when he sees he can’t beat him and become a vassal instead while Jochi can just become the commander of both the demon kings’ cavalry forces.

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