Realist Demon King – 55


Toshizou grabbed his Izuminokami Kanesada sword.

Jeanne picked up the holy blade, Nouvelle Joyeuse. 

And they targeted each other in earnest.

It wasn’t because of hatred, it was their combative spirit.

And no one could erase a warrior’s will to fight.

They ignored the signals of the goblin referee, and they continued to fight.

The swords swung towards each other, but never was there a fatal hit.

Toshizou’s sword slashed Jeanne’s side, cutting a line through her clothes.


At the same time, Jeanne’s sword flew passed Toshizou’s face, cutting a line across his cheek.


However, their movements grew more vicious and deadly after that.

It seemed like they were now targeting each other’s vital organs.

If this continued, they could die.

It was when I thought this, that I used teleportation magic to move between them.

I grabbed Toshizou’s sword with my right hand and Jeanne’s sword with my left.

Once both attacks were stopped, I shouted.


“That’s enough!”


My voice was enough to bring them both back to their senses.

They sheathed their swords.


“…Perhaps I grew a little too angry.”

Toshizou muttered.


“…I was too passionate.”

Jeanne confessed to her god.


And like that, this first battle between the two Heroes ended in a draw.


This was a disappointment to those who betted on them, but the spectators were mostly satisfied and raised their voices and cheered.


“Jeanne! Jeanne! Jeanne!”

“Hijikata! Hijikata! Hijikata!”


Both of them were praised.

As they looked a little lost, I told them both to wave at the people, and so they did.

Then the crowds roared and called out my name.


“Demon King! Demon King Ashtaroth! The strongest of all kings. He has blessed us! May you reign forever!!”


The shouts of the crowd seemed to continue on forever.

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