Tensei Kenja – 158

Witnessing the Scene of Transportation



‘Someone is coming!’


The slimes said. It hadn’t even been 30 minutes since they started monitoring the room.

Indeed, I could hear the footsteps.


‘…It’s coming from the hidden passage.’


The sounds were coming from the underground passage.

And…then a trapdoor opened and four men came out.

There was something odd about their eyes. They all looked hollow.


‘They look so creepy!’


‘So weird.’


The slimes said after seeing the men.

Apparently, even the slimes felt uncomfortable looking at them.


As I thought this, the men remained completely silent as they each picked up a barrel and headed back to the trapdoor.

…If we followed them, we could find out where they were taking the barrels.


‘Can you follow them? If you can’t, we’ll have to ask the Proud Wolf for help…’


‘We can do it!’


Thankfully, the men were not very fast on their feet.

They carried the heavy barrels at a fixed pace.


Their eyes were also fixed straight ahead. They never looked around cautiously or seemed to care about where they were going.

But there was no roads, so it was a wonder that they didn’t get lost.

It was as if they were machines who were set to move along a determined route.


I thought about this as the slimes followed them… Eventually, the scene around them started to change. They were entering a mining area.

There were bare rocks and carved out cliffs.

And yet they walked through it without hesitation–and then they finally stopped.


There was an old door in front of where they stood.

And above the door, the words, ‘Maneia Mine #5’ were written.


It looked like an ordinary entrance to a mine.

However, if you looked closely through the cracks of the old wooden panels, you could see flashes of brand new metal.

So, while it was disguised to look like a mine from the outside, it was actually a heavily guarded facility.


As I watched, the men with vacant eyes suddenly opened their mouths.


“#4263, #4265, #4268, #4272. Transportation complete.”


The only people that were outside were the men with the barrels and the slimes.

The answer came from the other side of the door.


“Say the prayer.”




Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Yes, they speak in a different code then the normal ASCII, lol. Better load a more complex character set. Obviously those are something closer to zombies, thus the adorable puddings don’t like em. What pudding would like a walking dead? Or the walking dead.

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