Realist Demon King – 66

The Boy’s Identity


Fuma Kotaro was the name of a legendary ninja from the Sengoku era who was born in Hakone. If Hattori Hanzo was the best in the west, then Fuma Kotaro was the best in the east.


The name was given to legendary ninjas by the later Hojo clan after the start of the Sengoku era. The ninjas served the later Hojo clan for 100 years, in which they conquered the Kanto region.


Of course, one person could not be a ninja for 100 years.


The name was passed on for five generations.

There were records such as this,


Height of two meters and sixteen centimeters. Strong muscles and bones, wide eyes and mouth, a black beard, four protruding fangs, and a large nose.


Strange and almost monster-like. They had the blood of the south barbarians in them. Some even suggested they were descendants of demons.


Regardless of what the truth was, the person in front of me was not two meters tall.


He was rather small if anything.

Perhaps the same height as Eve.

Actually, now that I looked, Fuma Kotaro was dressed as a maid.

When had he changed his clothing?

It had happened in a flash.

Furthermore, the results were quite impressive.


He had been a masked man a moment ago, but now, you could see nothing but a beautiful maid.


Or was this her true form?

As I wondered about this, she chuckled.


“Well, that is a mystery. But the best ninjas are able to blend in at will. We discard our clothes and dress like the natives.”


As Hanzo was very fond of his ninja clothing, he would probably not be happy about that. Though, he did wear disguises once in a while.


Still, this was very convincing.


As I stared at her in wonderment, she opened her mouth and joked.


“Perhaps you want to see me with fewer clothes on as well? It’s all there, if you were wondering.”


I couldn’t deny that the question hadn’t crossed my mind, but I could see that Eve’s face had twitched. It wasn’t a great idea.


There was something more important.


“You talked about a trial. Would you mind elaborating on that?”




Fuma Kotara lifted the hem of her skirt and bowed.


“Thank you. So, about this trial…”


“You will have to kill a certain boy. That is the trial.”


“A boy?”


“Yes, a boy. You will have to kill him or not kill him. I will observe your actions and determine whether you are a worthy lord or not.”


“That won’t do. I am a Demon King, but I don’t kill without reason.”


“Oh, but it won’t be without reason. This boy is a ‘Hero.’ A Hero who has powers that will work against you. An Anti-Ashtaroth.”


“What did you say!?”


It was Eve who was surprised by this.


“I have heard no news of such a thing.”


“It is not news that is easy to find.”


“But still… I doubt you could have found something so convenient…”


I stopped Eve there.


“The Goddess must have told her. It would not be a surprise if someone like her knew of such a thing.”


“You’re quick to grasp the situation.”


Fuma Kotara said with a laugh.


“I do grasp it, but I don’t understand her reasoning. Why is she telling me this?”


“To test you, of course. Just like I am testing you. How will Demon King Ashta react to such news? You are to show your worth as a strategist and realist.”


“I can understand that. Though, I am not happy about it.”


Damn that Goddess. She treats people like toys.


Her motive for bringing me to this world had been thoughtless as well. Perhaps she wasn’t so much a Goddess as an Evil God. Well, there wasn’t exactly a way for me to find out.


In any case, now that I knew about the Hero, the only thing to do was acquire more information and deal with the problem. And so I asked Fuma Kotaro.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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