Tensei Kenja – 52


The slimes were the only reason I could attack things and scout out areas.

Well, I could use Hellfire of Obliteration without tamed monsters, but it would be harder to fight than it was now.


“The fighting power of a tamed monster is the same as the Tamer. …You are ridiculously overpowered…”


“I’m starting to think that Yuji could finish most quests by himself.”


“But the magic I used to kill the Earth Dragon uses a lot of MP, so I can’t use it too many times in succession.”


Tina heard this and looked at me with exasperation.


“When you say it like that, it sounds like you are saying that you could still kill an Earth Dragon a few times over…”


“Yeah, I could do it a few times. But using too much MP gives me a headache, so I’d rather not.”


“Uh, if anything, merely getting a ‘headache’ after using so much powerful magic is like cheating…”


As we talked about this, we realized one important thing.

It was about the current quest.


“Now that I think about it, what happens now that the thing we were supposed to investigate is dead? Did we fail?”


The quest had been to investigate the Earth Dragon.

It was treated as completed it you found more powerful monsters, but what about if you killed it?

And so I asked them…


“It should still be considered a success. Besides, I think this investigation request was sent because someone wanted it dead but couldn’t do it. If anything, we might get an extra reward.”


Tina said happily… Then she looked at me apologetically.


“…Now that I think about it, we haven’t even done anything. I’m not sure we should be accepting anything extra…”


“Now that you mention it, Yuji has been doing everything. And we would never have been able to kill an Earth Dragon.”


Apparently, they were bothered by the degree of their contribution during the quest.

I didn’t really mind… Actually, Tina and Lisa had a lot of experience as Adventurers, and it made things easy for me that they made all of the decisions.

While I had done most of the monster killing, I didn’t think that things would have gone very smoothly had I been alone.


“We can share the reward equally. I don’t have as much experience as you two, and wouldn’t have known what to do if I was alone.”


“You have little experience and yet…you really are abnormal…”


“If you mean it, then I’ll accept it very gladly. I was hoping to upgrade my weapon soon. It’s been hard having to use this one.”


“It will definitely be of help to us. But I still feel bad about it…”


It seemed that these two were not exactly rich.

Well, even if they did reject it, I intended on forcing them to accept the money.

We had formed a party with those conditions in the first place.


“In exchange, you have to help me make the report. I won’t be able to explain the state of the forest or the features of the monsters.”


“Got it!!”

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