Jack of all Trades – 168

Our Journey, Our Path


We talked together as we walked along the river’s edge. As things settled in my head, monsters appeared before us again. It was several grass wolves in the plains. These too, we killed together. The claws were torn off and went in my bag. We encountered more monsters after that as well,  but they were always either goblins or grass wolves. As we leisurely took our walk, the shadows of the trees began to grow long.


“The sun’s starting to set…”

“The time passes so quickly.”

“Yeah. We should head back soon.”


And so our environment investigation of the area surrounding Usk was finished. And we would return. The setting sun was bright to the point that it hurt to look up as we walked in that direction, but Daniela looked beautiful when bathed in orange light. Her platinum blonde hair turned orange and her eyelashes seemed to sparkle.


“…Hm? And why are you looking at me so intently?”


Daniela noticed my stare and asked me with a chuckle, that I suspect was to hide her embarrassment.


“Oh, I was thinking about how pretty you look.”

“Fool. What has come over you…”


She muttered as she fidgeted with her hair. Her every gesture was a joy to watch, and made the journey back anything but tiring.


  □   □   □   □


We passed the east gate and entered the main street. As it was already quite late, we decided to search for a place to eat. I suggested that we could do something a little more interesting than the usual street stall, and so Daniela quickly replied with a ‘then we shall find a place,’ and escorted me away. Some might mistake this as the mark of a cool girlfriend, but she was just hungry.


We were now in a restaurant district. Daniela’s nose led us here, that was clear. And I wasn’t sorry, as I could smell delicious food everywhere. And there was such variety. The fact that I could differentiate between them, allowing for them to stimulate my appetite in different ways could only mean that I had an impressive nose.

As I watched from the back as Daniela navigated through the crowds, a familiar scent punched me in the nostrils.


“Ah…this…it’s curry…”


The familiar spices brought back so many memories. Well, there was no use now. I was fully committed to having curry.


“Daniela. Daniela.”

“What? Have you found a good place?”

“Yeah. A place that serves something I really like.”

“You, Asagi? Well, that does sound interesting…”


Daniela came back to me and so I relied on my nose to find the restaurant. My nose was telling me that it could not be very far. And so I put my faith in it and turned a corner and went up some steps as I searched. And then I saw a restaurant at the corner of a street. There was light coming from it. We stood in front of the stone building and looked through the windows. Yes, the smell was coming from inside.


“Here it is…”

“Asagi. Let us go in. I have reached my limit…!”


Clearly she was also susceptible to this smell. I was at my limit as well. And so I quickly opened the door and went inside.



“Are there enough seats for two?”

“Yes, please follow me.”


Said the young woman who had a somewhat slow way of talking. We took our seats near the back. Menus were stuck onto the wall here, and I quickly found the letters that spelled ‘curry.’


“I’ll have some curry.”

“Is that what is responsible for this smell? Well then, I will have the same thing.”


Daniela added after my quick decision. The lady quickly jotted this down on her memo pad and disappeared into the kitchen.


Upon looking around again, I saw that the place was quite full. It was a little bit outside of the main food district, but the smell was likely enough to lure people over… And this was a trade town. They had a lot of spices.


“Naan bread…”


I saw some people eating it. It was a kind of bread eaten with curry. Unlike rice, it was easy to forget how much you ate, which I had done often…


“You dip it into the curry.”

“I see…”


Daniela nodded with interest as she watched. Staring that much was a little rude…


“Sorry to keep you waiting.”


It was just as I was starting to get anxious about the amount of drool that was surely accumulating in Daniela’s mouth, that the lady brought us our bowls of curry and very large naan bread.




She placed them on the table and then quickly disappeared again. That was fast…


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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