Jack of all Trades – 168


“Aright, let’s eat.”



Daniela tore off a piece of naan and used it to scoop up some of the curry. Then she stuffed it into her mouth.


“Hmm…mmm? Mm…mm…mmm!?”


Her expression seemed to change every second as she tasted it. Perhaps she was surprised at how spicey it was. I watched her with amusement as I tore off a piece, dipped it in the curry and ate it. It was an explosion of spices the moment it touched your tongue. The spiciness was intense and the scent went straight to your nose. This was what made curry so delicious. Unlike rice, the texture of the naan was fluffy and chewy. The toasted surface accentuated the smell in a delightful way.


“Asagi… This is very good…!”


Daniela reported with a big grin and a full mouth.


“Didn’t I tell you? This dish existed in my world.”

“Huh… Food from another world. A Hero from long ago must have brought it with them.”

“Yeah, something like that.”


I generally did not miss food from that other world, but this was an exception. Curry was one of those things that I craved no matter where I was. 


After that, it was tearing and chewing, tearing and chewing. We both got a second serving and ended up leaving the place very full and satisfied.


“Ahh…I ate too much…”

“I do not think I can eat anymore… Did you call it naan? Yes, it is a lot more filling than it looks…”

“Well, it’s made from grains, after all…”


What was it made of anyway, bread flour? Flour…wheat. It was really not much different from bread or rice.


“We should buy some to take back with us next time.”

“Yes, we’ll be leaving in a week. I’ll try not to forget.”


Ever eager, Daniela was already talking about our next trip here. It was only in matters of food where I sometimes felt disappointed in her. But then again, it was also quite endearing.


The night wind did much to cool off our bodies, which still seemed to burn after that dinner. I was trying to search for a way back to the inn, but I had relied more on my nose to find this place than anything else, and so we became quite lost. Daniela looked around and finally found the stairs we had gone up, but it didn’t take us back to the restaurant district.


“That’s strange…were those the right stairs?”

“I am not sure. I had a feeling that there were a few more steps compared to before.”


With that feeling in mind, I turned around to look back at the brightly lit flight of stairs. I was not amused at the idea of going straight back up again, and Daniela was also looking annoyed by the notion.


“We’ll search for a different route then.”

“Yes… I am sure there is a way around it. Besides, a little walk should help with digestion.”


It was one of the charms of traveling. Being in a strange place, eating different foods and walking on unknown streets. This was the vacation abroad that I could only dream about while working my night shift long ago. How could I not enjoy it?


“Now, which way should we go?”

“Hmmm…over there.”


I pointed in a random direction. Well, if was either backwards or forwards at this point. And did it really matter? We wanted to reach the inn eventually, but the point wasn’t to walk straight in its direction.


“Alright then.”

“Daniela. Daniela.”



I grabbed her arm as she took a step forward.


“Let’s walk arm in arm.”

“Embarrassing and uncomfortable.”
“Now, now. You don’t mean that.”



She turned a little red under the light of the torches.


“Well…as long as we do not make a habit of it.”

“Exactly. Exactly.”

“And do not press so close…”


Daniela pushed my face off of her cheek. Still, we kept together as we walked down Usk’s night streets.


“Hey, Daniela.”

“What, Asagi?”


She stopped pushing me away and looked at me.


“Thank you. For everything.”

“What is this all of a sudden?”

“I don’t know. Just a whim.”

“I see… Well, that can happen.”


She looked on ahead, but not at the streets. There was a faraway look in her eyes.


“I too would like to thank you.”
“Oh? You’re very welcome.”

“…You can stop grinning now.”


But I was too happy to do anything else, and my face did not return to normal for quite some time.

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