Jack of all Trades – 253

To the Auction House


Adlus was rushed to the medical room due to his sudden magic energy deficiency. As for me, while I wasn’t holding back, I had enough energy left, and so I returned to my seat.


“Welcome back.”



 The manager looked a little annoyed as she watched us.


“You have the face of someone who’s not remotely surprised that he won.”

“Hehe. Why shouldn’t I?”


That guy targeted Daniela. I couldn’t let that go. An insult to me wouldn’t have meant much, but this was different. Well, he had lost after everything he had said and done. It was unlikely he would be walking around with the same attitude now.


“So, you really were that strong. I’m impressed.”

“You were strong enough to get a recommendation too, Heinrich. Besides, I had some luck with this fight. My style worked really well against Adlus.”

“Haha. That’s interesting, given how you hate his guts.”

“Hehe. Yeah.”


Heinrich shook my hand and then slapped me hard on the back. Still, it really was true that Adlus had been a good fit for me. Though, they say that you shouldn’t let your guard down after a victory, so I would continue to follow the other fights. I had already missed one, after all.


“Uh, I already forgot the order. Who’s next?”

“Ah, it is me. But…”


Daniela stood up. But then she quickly sat back down.



“My opponent seems to be absent.”

“…Ah, Miss Levee.”


The bloodthirsty ‘Light Dew.’ She had been pierced in the stomach by Bandi’s spear and was sent to the medical room. I suppose she and Adlus were currently enjoying each other’s company.

But that meant that the next fight could not take place. How long would it take for the wound to heal? I had been badly injured during my fight with a wyvern once. I was taken to the guardhouse medical room and treated there. And I was mostly healed by the afternoon of the following day…


As we waited and wondered what would happen, the door of the medical room opened and several people came out. They went to the referee and exchanged a few words before leaving again. After that, I looked towards the Emperor and saw that someone was whispering into his ear. I tapped Daniela on the shoulder and pointed towards them. After a few nods, the Emperor stood up.


“Listen! Levee Badi’s injuries in the previous fight were more serious than expected! It would hardly be fair to continue like this! Therefore, the fight will be postponed until tomorrow!”


I see. Well, there was no point in sending her out if the wound would just open up again right away. And she’d be full of regret if she lost like that. She was obsessed with battle, after all.


“So that means the final battle that was planned for tomorrow will also be pushed back! We have decided to put one day of rest in between. So the battle will occur three days from now! That means that this tournament has been extended for two days!”


The audience seemed pleased to hear that the festivities would be lasting for a while longer. I could understand that. I almost wanted to join them. Of course, Daniela grabbed my arm and yanked me back down before I could.


“And so, the Imperial Auction that was to be held after the tournament will now be held two days from now!”


Ah, that’s right. It was supposed to be after the tournament. And since they put in a day of rest before the final fight, the auction would be on the same day. So the day of resting and restoring your energy was also the day of the auction…basically, I wouldn’t be able to rest at all! 


  □   □   □   □


And then the day arrived. The day of the auction, that is. And so I had come to the venue along with Daniela and Lemon.


What? Daniela’s fight? She won that, obviously.

Still, I hadn’t expected Levee to pull that trick out of nowhere. It nearly took Daniela out of the game. However, Daniela’s experience in combat allowed her to recover spectacularly and launch a counterattack. Levee ended up being blown out of the boundary. It was a neat way to use wind magic… I took a few tips myself.

But Levee still impressed me. Hell, Daniela had to spend the night in the medical room. She still had bandages on her head, but the wounds were all pretty much closed. It wasn’t likely to affect her in the fight tomorrow.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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