Jack of all Trades – 253


“Asagi, your fight was amazing! Besides, I was sitting in the front row towards your back. So I thought I was going to die!”

“You’ve told me that about five times already…”

“But really! I think you might have saved my life!”

“Hehe… Uh, I’m glad you’re not dead.”


Lemon was like this ever since we bumped into her. She had yet to cool down after the excitement from the game.


“And your fight was also brilliant, Miss Daniela… I think I fell in love all over again…”


Lemon said with a dazed expression. I could practically see the hearts popping out of her eyes. All over again, huh… Well, it was Daniela. So it couldn’t be helped.


“Ah, but I have lived quite long, you know. You should not find it hard to reach that level with a little more training, Lemon.”

“I doubt I’ll ever reach it… After all, I’ve been a guard for so long.”

“Hey, I was just a clerk in a store. You have what it takes to be much stronger than me.”

“What? You worked in a store!”


I didn’t say ‘convenience store,’ as they wouldn’t know what that was.


“Yeah. So, you just need to keep gaining experience, and you’ll get there.”

“I see… Yes, I feel more confident already!”


That was good. And it was true. She had a long life ahead of her as an elf. That is, if she didn’t get herself killed. 


We continued to talk like this until we reached the building.

Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of people gathered around it. This wasn’t some kind of secret auction house, after all. Still, it was bound to have some interesting and rare items. It would be fun to watch, even if we didn’t buy anything.


And so the three of us went to the reception desk and informed them that we had an item up for sale.


“Uh, I’m a seller. My name’s Asagi.”

“Ah, yes. I’ve heard about you. …Uh, and who is this?”

“Companions. Can they come in with me?”

“I’m terribly sorry. The stage is only so big…”

“Ah. I see. Yes.”


It was no surprise. I would be on stage with the item and the auctioneer. There might even be a bunny girl assistant. The last thing they’d want would be additional guests to get in their way.


“But you can enter from the back, as they’re here with you.”

“In that case…”


Lucky us. We wouldn’t have to pay an extra fee to get inside then.


“If you would just put these tags on please… Now, a guide will come and show you around. I hope you find something nice.”

“Thank you.”


And with that, the three of us entered from a door that was on the opposite side of the main entrance. The guide who led the way kept stealing glances at me. It was probably because we were recognized from yesterday’s game. I’d be gaining even more attention after today.


“Please wait in this room. You will be called when it is your turn.”

“All right. Thank you.”


A waiting room… I could only hope there wasn’t anyone like Adlus in there… And so I cautiously opened the door.





I saw one familiar face mixed amongst the other sellers.


“What are you doing here, Manager?”

“I’m here to make some money.”


It was like I couldn’t get rid of her now. I thought as I pushed the door open all of the way.

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    • You didnt honestly thing Daniela would forget did you? She has been fairly dead set on that thing being removed from Asagi’s possession ever since she found out about it.

  1. Cheers for the chapter, and all your hard work!

    LoL I almost expect to read how the manager see Asagi in a new, and slightly disgusted, light when she finds out what he is reluctantly selling.

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