Jack of all Trades – 55

Ale, Meat, Dreams

The bar we went to was called the ‘Fang & Claw.’ Perhaps the most fitting kind of name for an establishment catering to adventurers, or so I think, as I push open the doors and walk inside. Well, this was surprising. Unlike the rather wild-sounding name, the interior had a relaxing mood and dim, atmospheric lights. As it was much the same at the Silver Sky Inn, I wasn’t sure if this was tradition or the new fashion in the city. We looked around a little shyly until the person that we were looking for waved us over. It was Rex.


“Did you wait long?”

“Nah, just arrived. I am glad you have come as well, Daniela. Now, let’s have a drink!”

“I will start with ale.”


Daniela ordered to the barman, and so I ordered the same thing.


“Pretty relaxing in here, eh? Adventurers don’t come around here too often because of it. Those men drink to become wild. But men like me, we come to enjoy the taste.”


Rex says with a shrug. The bar in Fhiraldo’s guild had always been a rowdy place. I didn’t hate that atmosphere to be honest, but I didn’t hate this either. I saw myself becoming a regular in a place like this.

We didn’t wait long before the drinks arrived. Daniela and I grabbed our mugs and faced Rex and the others.


“A toast then?”

“Yes, to our meeting.”

“To that.”


Clank. The mugs lightly hit each other and were then emptied by all. I wasn’t the biggest drinker, but this went down easily. The alcohol content seemed to be moderate and it did not leave a burning sensation in my throat.


“I think we have some introductions to do then. As you know, I am Rex. A swordsman.”


The first of the group that I had seen in the forest. He was also the first to attack the wyvern.


“I am Darius. You have my gratitude for what you did.”


He was the man with the greatsword who had carried Danny. That had been an incredibly tense moment.


“And I am Wesley. Thank you for helping us.”

“Benny. I’m a swordsman like Wesley and Rex.”


They were all advance guards… I couldn’t help but think as I shook hands with them.


“Farid. I’m good with the shortsword.”

“Simon. I use the bow, but I am generally in charge of carrying the luggage.”


One rear guard and six advance guards… Oh well, I and Daniela were generally the same.  Though, we were also capable of ranged attacks.


“It’s nice to meet you all. I am Asagi.”

“Daniela. I have also been granted the name Light Wind.”


She was already boasting about her new name. And it seemed to have been effective.


“Hey, hey, you have an alias… Bah, how lucky…”

“I wonder if I shall ever receive one. I doubt it will be any time soon…”


Several of them voiced their envy of such an honor. Was it really that great? Having an alias?


“In fact, Asagi has also been granted one, ‘Silvergreen.’”


Daniela said the most unnecessary things.


“Asagi, you, that is incredible!”

“No… That means we were saved by an adventurer with an alias!”

“Will you shake my hand, Silvergreen!”

“Uh, I wasn’t exactly happy about it and… I’m not shaking your hand!”


They all gathered around and cheered loudly. Get away from me!

Daniela was quite distracted by her steak, which had arrived. Well, this relaxing atmosphere was now ruined!


And like that, there was boisterous laughter, yet it was still slightly quieter than other taverns as we ate and drank. The food here was so good, that Daniela and I were practically racing to see who could stuff themselves first. The dishes of meat were especially great. I had seen annoying reporters on TV talk about meat being ‘so soft you don’t need to chew!’, but I had to now admit that such meat did exist. It was so delicious. I swore to become a regular here as I stuffed myself with meat and ale.

Before we knew it, the other customers had left, and it was now almost midnight.


“Well, we should call it a night soon.”

“Yeah. Thanks for inviting us today, Rex.”


I stood up and thanked him for introducing us to such a good place. Rex wrapped an arm around my shoulder and roared ‘Don’t mention it!’ into my ear with barely controlled laughter.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. That talk about meat being so soft you don’t need to chew not only reminds me of the famous beef from Japan, but also of that part of pork that is exceptionally tender. In some of the bone-in pork loin chops (the “t-bone” chop from a pig), that cut may come near the back end. In those few t-bone pork chops, the amount of meat on one side of the t-bone is pretty small while the other side is large. In the small side, there is a small circular piece of meat surrounded by other meat and tissues and fat. That tiny piece is exceptionally tender as well. It’s something I hunt for when looking at bone-in pork chops at the supermarket. I wonder if there is a name for that tiny piece of pork loin on the shielded side of that t-bone….

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