Tensei Kenja – 4

I Need Funds


“Yuji, if you are going to throw me, say so first.”




“Ah, over there. There’s a monster.”


“Got it. We’ll go around it then.”


I listened to the protestations of the slime who had been thrown as a substitute for a spy satellite, as we walked towards the town. As I had no MP, I took the advice of the slimes in order to find a route that would keep us away from the monster.

The slimes had seemed so unreliable at first, but they were really quite useful.



And then an hour passed.

We had safely arrived in the town.


“…I see. So this is what this world is like…”


I said while looking at the town.

The scene that spread out before me was that of a fantasy game. In other words, a medieval town.

‘Fastan’ was written on the gate, so that was likely the town’s name.


However, if I were to point out one crucial difference from games, it would be…how realistic it all was.

The small details of the scenery were often ignored in games, but there were no compromises here.


Well, whether this was a dream or reality, I didn’t know. But it certainly was not a game.


“Oh. You’re wearing awfully strange clothes… Is this your first time in Fastan?”


As I stood near the entrance to the town, a voice called out to me.

It was a man who looked quite young.


His appearance…well, he had the air of an Adventurer, the ones you see in games.


“Yeah. My first time. I just arrived, actually.”


“Just arrived? …I am surprised you were able to come here safely at such a time… Oh, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Gale. I’m a swordsman.”


“I’m Yuki. My occupation is…a Tamer.”


I answered.

Apparently, it was also Sage, but it seemed strange to bring both up.


“A Tamer… Seeing as you came here alone, are you also an Adventurer?”


“No…I don’t think so.”


I wasn’t sure for a second but decided to say no.

I hadn’t even known there was such a system in this world.

Maybe I could become an Adventurer by registering, but we were talking about the present.


“You don’t think…uh, in any case, if you’re not an Adventurer, you shouldn’t leave town again today.”


“…Is that right?”


“Yes. Monsters in the area have become much more active recently. Monsters with ridiculous strength that you wouldn’t usually see have started to appear… It was especially dangerous out there today. We’re gathering the best Adventurers together now in order to protect the town… But we can’t protect anyone who decides to leave.”


Gale said as he looked towards the forest.

It seemed like I was very lucky to be able to reach this town today.

Well, though I did have that encounter with a dragon.


But there was one other thing that was bothering me.


“Thanks for the warning. By the way…would I be able to become an Adventurer too?”


While I had not been able to bear the magic depletion from Hellfire of Death, I was still able to use magic and had skills as a tamer.

Being an Adventurer seemed like a better option than trying to find other work in a different world where I had no connections.

And so I had asked the question…but his reaction was mixed.


“An Adventurer, huh…there is a test. So you can become one if you pass it. But it requires a lot of physical strength, and you’re a Tamer, so…”


He said with a hard look on his face.

Apparently, it was the ‘Tamer’ part he was struggling with.


“So Tamers won’t be able to do it?”


“…It’s hard for me to say this, but to be honest, yes. Being an Adventurer will be hard if you don’t have a job that involves weapons or magic…”


I see. So I had to be able to use magic or weapons.

Well, I could use some magic…


“Alright, but what if I was a Sage and not a Tamer?”


“Sage? …I’ve never heard of that job. Well, I’ve never heard of an Adventurer Sage, in any case.”


I see. So it wasn’t a very well known job.

…Well, he seemed busy. So I should just leave it at that.


“Thank you for the advice. I think I’ll just try taking this test.”


“Aye. I’ll pray for your success.”


Gale said before running off somewhere.

An Adventurer test…

I was actually looking forward to it.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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