Tensei Kenja – 4



“Uhh…guild, guild…”


Luckily, I seemed to be able to read the letters used in this world.

There were ‘Adventurer’s Guild’ signs all over the town, and so I carried the slime on my shoulder and followed the signs.

And so I was able to find the guild without getting lost.


As for the guild, well, it was the kind of building you would expect.

There was nothing else to say. Yes. It was a guild house.


As the doors were already opened, I decided to go inside.


“…That must be it.”


There were several counters inside.

And one of them read ‘Adventurer’s Guild Registration Test,’ and so I stood in front of it.


“Do you wish to take the registration test?”


And then the lady at the counter who had been working, stood up and approached me.

Her name tag read, ‘Lilly.’


“Yes. I came to take the test.”


“Very well. Please fill out this form.”


So saying, she handed me a sheet of paper.

‘Adventurer’s Guild Registration Test Application Form’ it read.


I felt like I was at the city office.

And so I filled out the form with my name and age etcetera.


“…Job, huh.”


It was multiple choice, with options such as ‘Single-handed Fighter,’ ‘Double-handed Fighter,’ and ‘Sorcerer.’

There was none for Sage.

And so I chose Tamer.


It was also necessary to write down your magic’s attribute if you could use magic, and so I checked my status to see what it was.


“Uhhh…light, shadow, fire, water, earth, lightning, wind, time-space, special magic, great magic, familiar magic, support magic, altering magic…oh.”


The last one didn’t quite fit within the box.

I had tried to write in as small a hand as possible, but the box was too small.


That was the last of the items to fill in, and so I handed the sheet back to Miss Lilly.


“I filled it out.”


“Thank you. Let me check it to make sure.”


So saying, she scanned the application form…her expression suggested she found it amusing.

And then–she thrust it back at me.


“You shouldn’t write lies. They will find out during the test, anyway. …Oh, and what even is ‘great magic’ and ‘special magic’ or ‘time-space magic’? There are no such attributes.”


But it was written on my status…

Oh well, I guess I could just erase those.


“Alright, what about now?”


I said as I submitted the form again.

This time it only included light, shadow, fire, water, earth, lightning and wind attributes.

Miss Lilly looked at it and sighed…


“I will accept it if you insist… But really, I hope you understand that nothing good will come from lying?”


She said.

I just copied what was written in my status…oh.


What if she was referring to the fact that I was hiding my second job?


“I understand. I will change it then. That will be my final answer.”


I said as I added ‘Sage’ to my job and submitted it again.

However…her reaction was not promising.


“…Please do not add silly words to the job section. I will have to erase it before I can proceed.”


Miss Lilly said in defeat as she erased the word ‘Sage’ from my form and then dropped it on her desk with her other documents.

Then she opened her mouth.


“Now, that will be 150,000 cicols for the examination fee.”




“Do I have to pay that fee?”


“Yes, you do… Did you really not know about it?”


Miss Lilly asked with a look of amazement.

But the thing was, I only just arrived in this world today.

Actually, I was still not even sure if this was a dream or another world.


In any case, I had to pay the fee somehow—that’s right!


“Can I sell monsters even if I’m not registered at the guild?”

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