Jack of all Trades – 181


The horse neighed and rose up on its hind legs as the woman swung her sword in the air. It was quite cinematic.

Then she rode off as I and the scarred man, who had gotten out as well, began to chase after her. According to Presence Detection, the others had gone in the opposite direction and a few had stayed by the carriage to guard it. Daniela was among them, but she would offer support with her bow. How reliable.


“To the right!”

“I got it!”


The scarred man swung his sword as he disappeared into the forest. There were bandits running towards the carriage from that direction, so he would probably run into them.


I continued on straight ahead, chasing after the woman in light armor. Now that the archer and the three others were gone, there were sixteen left, and they were sticking together. Perhaps they were the main group. There could be an especially dangerous one among them in that case.


“Damn, that horse is fast!”


I couldn’t move as quickly in the forest. And since I had no choice, I activated Legs of the Forest Wolf and ran after her. Well, that fixed the issue.


“You sure are fast!”

“I guess. Anyway, I think this is the main group. They’re sticking close together!”

“Then I’ll just have to trample them with my horse!”


She was quite confident. As an ordinary person, this situation was intimidating. I was scared. And so I clenched my sword tightly.


“By the way, you’re Silvergreen, aren’t you?”

“Some people like to call me that…”

“Haha. How reassuring! I am Tetra. Nice to meet you!”

“Asagi. Well, let’s not die or anything.”


She laughed with amusement. But the whole thing was a little embarrassing, and so I pulled my hood down lower.


“They say that you should beware once Silvergreen has lowered his hood. Nothing will remain after that… Are the rumors true?”

“What? What kind of rumor is that? I hope you’ll tell me about it later?”


Where did that come from! What stupid bastard spread that nonsense!


Well, enough about that.


“We’re almost at the clearing! They’ll be waiting for us there. I’ll go first and scatter them!”

“I guess I have no choice but to leave it to Silvergreen!”


She gave me a hearty thumbs up, but I don’t think that was true at all. But then I remembered the orc battle. It would be pretty embarrassing to be mowed down by arrows as soon as I made an appearance.


But I was able to avoid them.


Remembering a trick I learned with Legs of the Forest Wolf, I raised the speed of the wind. Once I was far enough from Tetra, I pushed the wind to its limits and shot through the forest. Then I burst through the trees and straight into the bandits. As expected, several of them were waiting with their bows drawn. However, they were just looking up with faces lacking comprehension. There was only one there who could react to my speed.




It was probably the boss who had frantically shouted the order. I stopped above the person who shouted before shooting straight down and swinging the Glampanzer. It entered through his collarbone and came out at his groin. And like that, the boss was split in two. There really hadn’t been a need to go so far, but it had the effect of showing what I was capable of.


“The b-boss…”


The remaining bandits froze. From behind me, Tetra charged in with the sound of thunderous hoofs. I held my sword in one hand and created an Ice Sword with the other, which I used to cut down the closest bandit. Finally, the realization came to them. They screamed and tried to run, but we had no intention of letting them escape. It had been decided and we would do it. It wasn’t pleasant work, but any who escaped would surely hurt other innocents.


And so Tetra and I single-mindedly swung our swords. By the time they were all dead, we were both covered in blood.


Every one of the bandits had been cut through the back.

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  1. “Beware when Silvergreen puts down his hood” I dunno about the rest of you guys, but I think that’s a cool ass rumor to have going around! Thanks for the chapter!

    • I’m with you there!! ♡ I stared at that sentence for quite a few seconds before reading on … ufufu

      That surely came from the orc subjugation party who saw him rushed off to the orc room in just 3 seconds. They arrived and only the archer orcs (those at the further back) were the only ones remaining alive. That was really cool if i say so myself.. (☆▪☆)

  2. Well these bandits bit off more than they can chew. I liked the strategy of going for the boss, nice one Asagi!

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. “Their sticking close together” -> “They’re/ They are sticking close together”

    Thanks for the chapter 🙂

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