Jack of all Trades – 395

Roar of the Newborn God Wolf

Our gazes followed her hand. But there was nothing in that direction. However, something slowly started to take shape. It was just like when she had appeared.

“This is bad…”
“What… May I ask what is happening?”

I couldn’t help but ask her. However, not wanting to appear insolent, I took on a polite tone. Yeah, I was scared.

“Another god is coming.”

I didn’t know what that meant. Well, she clearly thought it was bad. But I wasn’t sure why.

“Magic is used when we are summoned. It allows us to manifest ourselves. After all, the power of gods is not to be found here. And great quantities of magic energy is required to make up for that.”

It was surprising how willing she was in offering us this information. I listened quietly.

“That means we must access the dragon vein. That is why this place was built.”
“And now another god is coming…”
“The magic in this world will be used up.”

That was bad indeed. If the dragon vein was sucked dry, it could mean the destruction of the world. The wind, water, earth, all elements would parish.

“It seems like this could be solved if you left…”
“I can do that. But the god who is about to appear is not a good god.”

A chill ran down my spine as I looked back at the translucent lines that were being formed. There was nothing we could do but watch.

“He is the destroyer of worlds. He must have sensed the connection to the god world.”
“Can’t you do something!?”

Matsumoto shouted. But the goddess shook her head.

“More magic will be depleted if I fight. And you are too weak to fight him.”
“Then who…”
“Perhaps those two.”

She looked at Daniela and me.

“Huh? What?”
“Asagi and I?”
“Aye. It might be possible. You are close to a pureblood elf and have the weapons of life and death. And you. A man from another world who has not only been touched by the power of the gods, but you have the genes of she who is the strongest monster in this world.”
“However, you must discard that body of yours. Would you do that?”

I had been so ready, but time seemed to stop with those words. Discard this body? What did she mean?

“It is just as it sounds. The power of the monster is thick inside of you. So you can become a monster entirely. As for you, you must return to your ancestors and become a pureblood elf. Don’t worry, it won’t kill you.”
“That’s not much of a reassurance…”

I didn’t care about myself. I knew I was mostly gone anyway. But Daniela… She would be abandoning the life she had lived up until now.

“I see. Then I will ask you to do it.”
“I am only becoming what I was very close to being. What is the matter?”
“Yeah, but…”
“Asagi, I am more worried about you. Forget about me and even the world for a second. How do you feel? Can you really abandon your humanity?”
“…Abandon. If it will protect the world. So be it.”

You could never erase every misfortune. And if it looked like you have, it’s just because someone else is carrying the entire burden where you can’t see. And if that person had to be me, then it was an easy decision. This was the world that Daniela lived in. The world that we had lived in. I would gladly make that sacrifice.

“I see. So my lover will no longer be human.”
“You don’t have to say it like…!”
“Then what does it matter what happens to me? I wanted to be with you, no matter what.”

There was nothing I could say in reply. But I was happy.

“If you will no longer be human, then I will do the same. And I promise you, Asagi. That I will always be by your side.”
“Hmm… It is almost as if I proposed to you.”

I suddenly felt my face grow hot. There was little doubt that it was showing in my ears. Hell, steam might have even been rising above my head.

“Hahaha! Should you two really be doing that now? Very well. I, Flenche Nerdorie, goddess of love, will bless you!”
“Well, a god is blessing us now. I suppose I am just waiting for your reply?”

There was nothing to do now. Not when a god was standing right there. And to think I had wanted to say it myself after the fight. I mean, wasn’t it a bit of a death flag to say it before a fight?

“Mister Asagi! It’s like you’re in a romcom!”
“Asagi. Don’t you dare mess this up!”

And now the others were egging me on. Yes, I was the type to run up a tree when being chased. That was where I slept during my first night in this world.

“…Fine. Daniela, let’s get married!”
“Aye, of course!”
“Splendid. Now, receive my blessing!”

The goddess declared, and a bell rang seemingly from nowhere. Particles of light began to rain down, and simple yet elegant rings appeared on our ring fingers. It was the goddess’s blessing.

At the same time, the power of the gods recreated our bodies.

“So this is a pureblood elf…”
“In other words, an Origin Elf. The elves of old used their power to cover the world in trees. But that wasn’t enough for them, and they eventually tried to invade our world. That was their downfall.”
“I will remember that. Asagi, how are you…”

I could hear Daniela and the goddess talking, but I couldn’t make any sense of it. My arms were wrapped tightly around my body as I tried desperately to stay in control.


It felt like I was going to explode. My arms became hairy like a wolf and then returned to being smooth like a human. It repeated and would not be stable. But what I could see of my own hair was now completely silver.

“Hey, goddess. What is happening to…”
“I told you. He will become a monster. I am sure he understood that.”
“But that does not mean…”

I could vaguely hear Daniela’s protests. But they were soon drowned out by the unending ringing in my ears. My eyes were wide and so hot they could evaporate.


My body shuddered and burned. My stomach seemed like it would come out of my mouth. I was starting to lose consciousness.

Daniela was in the corner of my vision, looking at me with worry. On the other side, Manager and Matsumoto were moving towards me. However, they were clearly more concerned with the other thing that was changing within the hall.

Clear strings were creating the shape of a human in front of me. It looked like an adult man. But it was a god.

‘Asagi. The God Wolf who I favored. Use your power and strike the god of destruction in front of you. That is the only way for you to survive.’

The goddess’s voice rang directly in my brain. That allowed me to shake off all other emotions. In order to survive, I had to discard my old self and defeat this god.
And so in order to carry out this mission to kill the god, I roared.


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  1. I feel like a lot of this last bit is rushed like wtf it wasn’t bad before but now it like they just throw stuff without foreshadowing or was I just not smart enough to see it

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