Jack of all Trades – 169


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“Well then. Since we got some money now, let’s buy you some clothes, Daniela.”

“And armor.”

“I know, I know.”


We walked through the town at a leisurely pace. Our destination was the craftsmen district. Seine had drawn us a simple map that led us through winding alleys and stairs until the sounds of metal banging on metal echoed around us. We had reached the street. Walking down the lines of stores made me realize just how much energy and passion emanated from the place. I liked it. I was sure we would be able to find something that suited Daniela here. Well, to be precise, someone who could make clothes that would suit Daniela.


Looking through the windows, I could see other Adventurers checking the various weapons and pieces of armor. There were curved blades, spears and armor of every type. The sheer variety of equipment was enough to make any young boy excited.


“Do you think I could take a look?”

“No. My clothes come first.”



Later. I would definitely be going later. By the time I had three stores on my list to check out, we arrived at the clothing store. Through the window I could see that they had a wide range, from the cute to the practical.


“Let’s see here… The ‘White Lily Clothes and Accessory Shop’?”

“Hmm…a flower.”



They would surely have good clothes here. My instincts told me so.




A cheerful clerk greeted us as we entered. Was she just an employee or was she involved in the tailoring? I couldn’t tell.


“I would like to have some clothes made.”


As it was for herself, Daniela approached the clerk boldly.


“Ah, wonderful! Will you be using your own materials?”

“Aye, I have something I would like you to use. Asagi.”

“Yes, here it is.”


As I was waiting behind her like some kind of butler, I delivered the materials in such a manner.


“I would like to have a set of Adventurer clothes made with this. Hide, bristles and wing membrane.”

“This…! Please wait one moment!”


The clerk took one look at the materials before fleeing to a back room. I guess a glance was all that was needed to know what they were. She had a good eye.


I waited with the materials still in my hands, but she quickly returned with someone’s arm tight in her grip. The prisoner had a sleepy face that they rubbed at tiredly. Not very promising…


“Turia, look! Dragon materials! Real dragon materials!”

“Mmm…Segura, be quiet… You’re giving me a headache…”

“I told you not to drink so much!”

“And I told you…to keep your voice down…”


Apparently the prisoner was experiencing a hangover.


“Uhhh…my head hurts…”

“Oh, Turia. You’re in front of customers, you know?”

“I didn’t ask you to drag me out here…”


I could see how close they were, but this was going nowhere.


“Uh, I’m sorry for disturbing you while you are not well.”

“No…she told me that someone brought in dragon materials… And so it had to be me. Don’t worry about it.”

“Are you sure? Well then, please inspect them.”


At this, I took a step forward. I was carrying a small basket that was full of fresh wind dragon materials.


“Woah, so it is real…”

“Yes, didn’t I tell you?”

“And such quality…oh, it’s making me feel quite sober.”


Turia’s half open eyes were now quite widened. Yes, those were the eyes of a professional. A person who had such a light in their eyes while looking at them would probably do a good job. I thought.


“I want you to make me some clothes with this. Something that is not too different from what I am wearing now.”

“…Give me a week. I will make you the best clothes you have ever worn.”


She declared as she shook Daniela’s hand. Daniela nodded with satisfaction and looked at me. And so I gave Turia the materials, just like a butler.


“Thank you.”

“Thank you for coming. You shall not be disappointed!”


Turia said with confidence as she accepted it with a smile.

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  1. Daniela’s comment about Asagi being harassed due to his clothing has me on edge, waiting for some foolish soul to pick a fight with him.
    Thanks for the excellent translation as always!

    • Every town they’ve been in, but especially the time with the obnoxious young adventurer, when Asagi got so angry, he dashed off, and came back all geared up, with Daniela at his side, to scare the crap out of him.

    • Didnt that happen the second day they where in this city? He was standing in line at the adventure guild when the local hoodlums decided to cut in front of him. He just gave them the stink eye so they started verbally abusing him. When he still didn’t react the way they wanted they attacked him which ended up with they laid out, bleeding on the floor.

      Tbh the author has been dropping hints about Asagi’s clothes for a number of chapters now. My guess it’s just foreshadowing for his makeover here soon. From newbie scrub to possible respected badass.

  2. Weren’t they gonna make Daniela some armor as well from the wind dragon materials and not just clothes?

    Thanks for the chapter!

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