Jack of all Trades – 170

What I Do Know About Women’s Clothes, Is That They Are Expensive


“That aside, do you think there’s anything that would suit me?”


As Daniela’s business seemed to have been settled nicely, I wanted to search for something for myself as well.


“I would like something that’s comfortable but doesn’t make me look weak.”

“Hmm…wait one moment please.”


Segura started walking around the store while grabbing things off of the shelves. Leaving everything to the clerk…not bad, Asagi… Up until now, I was the kind of guy who just picked up cheap shirts in a 3-pack.


As Daniela and I talked about nothing in particular, the clerk returned with an armful of clothes.


“So-sorry to keep you waiting…”

“That’s a lot of stuff…”


She dumped the pile over the counter. There were at least twenty items there. Was I supposed to try all of them on…?


“The sizes should be right…”

“Uh…yeah, it looks fine.”


I picked up a shirt and held it up in front of me. It seemed like a comfortable fit.


“So, you want something rough so people don’t underestimate you?”


Turia asked, her arms folded in front of her.


“I’m not exactly sure. But that’s what Daniela says I should wear…”

“Asagi has miserable clothes in spite of being an Adventurer. It results in people looking down on him no matter where he goes.”


Daniela said with a nod.


“But Daniela, I don’t exactly want to advertise my own abilities everywhere I go.”

“I am only saying that you should meet a certain standard. If you want to avoid being picked on.”

“Well, I don’t think I’m likely to lose anyway.”


That’s not the point. Daniela seemed to say as she sighed. But it was true, I had improved to the point where I felt that I could take on the average Adventurer. We had overcome so much up until now… Not that I had any scars to show for it.


“It should be fine. I was able to take down a wind dragon.”

“Overconfidence is not good.”

“It’s a rare moment I’m quite proud of. Let me have it.”


It was a historic moment in the life of Asagi Kamiyashiro. I wasn’t sure what else I could use if I needed to boast.


“…Wait a moment now. You are the one who killed the wind dragon?”


Miss Turia took the bait.


“I heard word of it yesterday. High-quality wind dragon materials had entered the market, they said. I assumed you had just bought them…”


Segura looked at me with astonishment. Hey, I wasn’t lying. I really did do it.


“See. It is because of your clothes that they do not believe you.”

“Grrr… You got me there…”


Alright, I could see it. I was dressed like some uncle on his day off. No one would believe that I had killed a wind dragon… I was starting to realize how important clothes were.


“Asagi, you could have clothes made of wind dragon materials too.”

“No, I already have some.”


Well, it was a young dragon.


After some more aimless talking, Miss Segura rolled her eyes and pushed the pile of clothes into my arms. She was now a devoted member of Daniela’s new ‘Put on some decent clothes’ club. I looked at Turia for help, but she averted her eyes. At three against one, I had no choice but to unwillingly participate in a one-man fashion show that lasted the rest of the day.


  □   □   □   □


The original plan was to buy new clothes and armor for Daniela, but we ended up buying a great heap of clothes for me first. I felt a little bad about it, but it was by Daniela’s order, and so I considered it a necessary expense.


And so I started to dress in a decent manner from the next day on. I just wore the same clothes all the time when I only had a few pairs, but the moment my wardrobe expanded, I experienced an awakening. Well, I still lacked any sort of fashion sense, and so Daniela selected everything… But I did have the will to learn and had a new goal, which was to eventually leave the building in something of my own choice.


The next week passed by very quickly. We did quests from the guild, ate, and shopped for traveling supplies.

And today was the day we were to return to the White Lily.


We were now in the store, but Segura and Turia were nowhere to be seen.

That was strange… They knew that we were coming today.


“I will go look.”


Daniela made the unusually extroverted decision to go and search for them. Was it because this was about her own clothes? I decided to sit down on one of the chairs and wait.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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